MLSE Ignoring the Argos with their Digital Arena

MLSE has launched a "digital arena" for the Raptors & Leafs, and it's on the way for Toronto FC. No mention of the Argos.

Isn't this the exact type of thing required for the Argos to attract the much needed younger demographic?

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I guess MLSE does not care for the Argos.

Any Argo fans out there need to write to them to find out why the Argos don't have what the other teams have.

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It's behind a paywall so I would love to see more details before passing judgement.

Is the Argos omission due to the fact that they are not scheduled to play right now...hence TFC is under the 'coming soon' category.

Can't have a digital arena for the Argos if they're not playing

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That's what I was wondering. Pretty incredible sounding the stuff they are doing and have planned for it. Curious as to what sort of social media numbers the Argos currently have. Many are likely American so maybe I shouldn't be but am surprised how many (million +) more folllowers the Raps social media accounts have than the Leafs. And surprised just how big the digital arm of MLSE is getting.