I visited the new sports bar across from the Air Canada Centre called Real Sports at Maple Leaf Square.
Once inside i noticed that there were replica championship trophies representing ever league except the CFL'S GREY CUP.

UNBELIEVABLE !!!!! :thdn:

I suggest boycotting everything to do with MLSE !!!!!!!!

I all ready am.

This is not news!

That's what I would expect from MLSE come to think of it. Par for the course. They wouldn't have the intelligence as a company to know what the Grey Cup is. Again, exactly what I would expect. Another reason I've turned down free tickets to go to a Leaf game in the past, I couldn't be bothered. Besides the fact I'm not a huge hockey fan and certainly not a Leaf fan.

They also have a huge sports ticker running scores and headlines of all the big American leagues. I was there for a friend's birthday just before semi-final weekend in the CFL and there was zero mention of the CFL on said ticker.

Was anyone there Grey Cup Sunday and was any coverage given in the midst of week whatever of the NFL?

Based on the Leafs' dismal record these past few years, it looks to me like MLSE also disrespects the Stanley Cup and the NHL (and its fans, and hockey in general).

Tannenbaum probably said to the CFL give me so much money (he's a money man of course) and I'll have a replica and show ticker scores but maybe the money wasn't enough for Larry.

It must be because the Argos win the championship at least once every decade!

This is the response i got after sending a email

Thank you for your email.

We appreciate your feedback and will be sure to pass this information along to Real Sports Bar & Grill.

Thank you for being a fan!

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Subject Category: Fan Services

I had the plesure of visiting your new sports bar and maple leafs square after the raptors game yeterday. I was very impressed. The only thing that was very disturbing, that our group noticed as being a proud CANADIAN is that the bar has ever trophy from ever league except the GREY CUP !!

This goes with out saying but i will say it anyways. The GREY CUP IS 98 years old and apart of our culture and frabric as a NATION. I cannot believe the that it is not in the bar. This not only is disrespectful its not very smart. With the GREY CUP being in Toronto for the 100th in 2012 I think mlse should put it in the bar.

Very Disappointed

We don't care about your email.

We will ignore your feedback and will be sure to pass this information along to the deleted folder in Outlook.

Thank you for spending money at our place!

You got that right !!

That why i wont be going back !! :thdn:

leafs suck !! :thdn:

Anything to do with Rogers, save and except going to Argo games, and MLSE for me is and has been for years a boycott.
No cell phones, cable, video stores and definitely not attending the ACC for games, concerts etc.
Anyone else like me?

Are we that insecure about our league that we take offence if a sports bar, sports radio station or tv station doesn’t mention the CFL??

Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the CFL. It’s the only sport i watch on a regular basis. I attend almost every Lions home game and watch probably 90% of the other teams games on tv. Sure, it’s nice to see it recognized, but i don’t consider it disrespectful if a private company chooses not to recognize it. So what if they choose to exclude us? If they don’t have some sort of deal with the CFL they are under no obligation to mention it. If you choose to, or not to eat/drink there that is your call, but to call it disrespect is a little melodramatic don’t you think?

Be secure in the fact that we CFL fans love our game. Be secure knowing that us fans find it an exciting and entertaining brand of football. Be secure in the fact that regardless of what any business thinks of the league, that it’s not going to change the opinions of the fans. But please… don’t be so insecure that just because we’re not represented everywhere that we have to view that as disrespect.

It's not that were insecure. The CFL deserves a little RESPECT !!!!!

I don’t think anyone responding to this thread could be called “insecure”. Yes it may be a private business, but it’s business is promoting it’s food…drink…and sports! And the fact that it’s located in Canada and has icons of every sport EXCEPT the CFL is truly disrespectful. One could call it an oversight, but I seriously doubt it. In fact, the complete absence of anything CFL speaks louder than if the owner was to verbalize that he himself hated the CFL. NO…it’s not insecure at all. If this situation was here in America I’m guessing the story would have made headlines and the tv news.

I don't give a flying f about MLSE or who owns the hockey team in that city or who owns the baseball team in that city. They can go jump in a lake. They couldn't care less about me here in Hamilton, they have enough worshippers at the trough in Toronto to make Tanenbaum and all his buddies loads of money. It's basically like "we don't care about you and we don't need you", and that is their right, they can do what they want and I can turn down free Leaf tickets like I have (felt great doing this and you should have seen the look at the guy's eyes like how could I turn down free Leaf tickets, it was great!) and never buy anything Leaf related or Blue Jays related (Bills billboards on RC but no Argos).

As I say, I'm a nobody to these large corporate giants who want to be seen as the opposite of what Canadiana culture is and can be. It's strictly money and American prestige image to them.

Did they sell waffles?
LOL, MLSE is a joke and now their most loyal fans (Maple Leafs) are starting to clue in and protest by throwing waffles.
Hopefuly more join the cause. I'd love to see 19000 waffles on the ice the next time the Laughs lay an egg.

Apparently MLSE wasn't too pleased and have "banned" the fan. I day they did him a favour. Highest tickets prices for the worst product in the league!

I've been to The Real Sports Bar twice. They don't have replica championships from EVERY sport. Yes, it would be nice if they had a replica Grey Cup. Am I that pretentious that I'm going to boycott the bar because they don't have a replica Grey Cup? Hell no!

Does anyone here bank with a bank other than Scotia? If yes, then why? Scotia sponsors the CFL. If your bank doesn't sponsor the CFL then doesn't that mean they disrespect CFL too? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

It's an awesome bar to watch sporting events at. The TV is the biggest I've ever seen. Most of the comments are coming from people who have never been to this place before.

Best Post of the thread! :thup: :thup: :thup: