MLSE Dale Lastman appointed chair of the CFL board of governors

This guy has quite the resume

Mr. Lastman is Chair of Goodmans LLP and practices corporate, commercial and securities law, while providing counsel in connection with public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and business restructurings. He has extensive experience in the sports and entertainment industry. Mr. Lastman is a Director of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd and serves as an Alternate Governor of the NHL and NBA, as well as the Governor representing the Toronto Argonauts. He is the Chair of the Baycrest Board of Directors. In addition, Mr. Lastman serves as an Honorary Trustee of the Hospital for Sick Children, and sits on the Board of Directors of RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust and Roots Ltd.
A Member of the Order of Canada, Mr. Lastman has also been appointed by the Minister of National Defense as an Honorary Captain of the Royal Canadian Navy. He has been awarded the rank of Honorary Detective by the Toronto Police Service and was recognized as one of “Toronto’s 50 Most Influential People? by Toronto Life Magazine.

I always wonder how much time someone with that many roles/responsibilities can devote to any of them. ???

Naylor says commitment, another version could be control.
Own 1 CFL team
Member of MLSE owns all football television rights and seems to control schedule
Now MLSE representative is the chairman of board.

So pretty much guaranteed even if there was outside interest, that TV rights are not moving too far. Although, maybe Sportsnet will have to go from 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 for positive stories of the CFL.

So what is next step? MLSE buys the league?

Why buy the league when Ambrosie can just be your puppet? 8)

Might as well ; It definitely looks like that .

They are most likely stepping in for Montreal cash as well as Toronto cash now .

They are bleeding hard in two large centres ; someone is paying the bills and I am not sure its the whole league anymore with the Montreal situation .

Sometimes I think it would have been better to flush the league and let it come back in a version more Canadian however with the NFL at the heels it would need to be done practically over night to fend off the franchise in waiting .

The chairman of the board from the NBA is also from MLSE. I don’t anything thinks that they’re buying that league do they?

The chairman, however does dictate influence within the board. Seeing this influence lie within the new guard of ownership, one where they own very successful teams in other leagues, I find it hard to fathom how this is a bad direction from the league getting away from the dinosaurs that have led it in the past.

No kidding what doesn’t he do!? Why overload one guy with all that responsibility?

Agreed, but at the same
Time the BOG DESPERATELY needs some young blood injected into it. Their 1950’s approach to sports marketing is not working and needs an infusion of a new voice. Don’t see too many people out there that fit the bill

Kind of apples and oranges with the juxtaposition of the NBA and the CFL .

CFL is at the MLSE’s heal . He is there to take the CFL somewhere .

Not sure where .

My gut feeling is that MLSE is not philanthropic and has to be an end game .

One thing people over look what his specialty is

Mr. Lastman is Chair of Goodmans LLP and practices corporate, commercial and securities law, while providing counsel in connection with public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and business restructurings.

He maybe a great guy and lawyer but I would want him to give a statement on what he believes in for the future of the CFL before giving him a pass as the good shepherd .

Maybe the time for the CFL is up for MLSE’s liking especially with the financing of two franchises and with Lawson going they will push for a different approach . Who knows maybe for the better not sure .

Lawson’s outgoing interview was very enlightening and maybe let the cat out of the bag that this league is desperate for ideas that can sustain past survive payday .

Looks like Dale Lastman helped with solving the Als owner situation .

It appears his influence is already being felt .

As reported :

Stern said it all happened pretty quickly. He was watching the Grey Cup in his basement on Nov. 24 when a friend at the party, Dale Lastman, who was about to be named CFL chairman, mentioned the Alouettes were for sale.

Saw that. The guy is already making a positive impact. Looking like a great move by the league as of right now

Maybe that’s what got him the position ;D

Yes, you could be right!