MLSE comments on owning the Argos

Since Rogers does already own half of Bell then it would be in their best interest to get involved with the Argos and the CFL as it would be in their best interest if they succeed.

If the CFL wants the Toronto Market, which is the biggest in Canada, then having the Grey Cup in Toronto at Rogers centre would make a lot of sense. Also Vancouver and Montreal the 2nd and 3rd with enclosed venues that are among the top 4 venues for seating capacity in Canada.

3 of the 4 teams are in the east are going to be from ontario. Hamilton is actually part of the GTA and Montreal the 4th team is a very convinient and short train ride to Toronto so doubtful that any of the east teams would be sick of it being in Toronto every 5 years. They most likely would welcome it.
Same if it was in Montreal reverse train ride from the GTA and an even shorter one for the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Agreed with you.
Now we all know the passion of Mr. Braley and his money propping up the many teams, therefore I do not see him selling unless the new owner has the best and long term interest of the Argos and the CFL in mind.

With Rogers, you get the sensationalism sort of marketing Toronto-centric vision rather than a long term whole Canadiana strategy. But money talks. And money does talk.

too bad the cfl couldnt buy rogers

maybe if we take up a collection??

With Rogers controlling a bulk of the multi media in the GTA they give zero coverage of Toronto, Hamilton, and the rest of the CFL. It is the out of sight out of mind kinda thing. If Rogers had a stake in the the league that would change. CFL news and highlights on sportsnet, radio sports talk etc.

Talk like that will get you shived in the East End. :cowboy:

Hamilton could really use cup in this millennium, and I'd want Hamilton to get one before Toronto got another one. Still we got no problem with the cup going there every 5 or 6 years, so long as we get one every ten or so. A fan march from the Cup's home at the CFHOF to the Stadium is about the same distance as the Varsity march, which is also a stone throw from Hess Village and the Convention Centre.

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Rogers doesn't own half of Bell. Rogers and Bell each own half of a numbered company that is the majority owner of MLSE.

i did not think that sounded right. Someone posted that here correcting me that they did.