MLSE comments on owning the Argos

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Not sure if this has been posted before, but the president of MLSE give his thoughts on the CFL, the Grey Cup, the Argos victory parade, a potential for the Argos to play at BMO field and the possibility of the Argos one day being owned by MLSE.

Thanks dg, will have to watch it. I guess the Argos would have to add some red in their unies if they were to play at BMO, all the seats there are red afterall. :wink:

But maybe the door is open for some negotiations, BMO should be a 25,000 - 30,000 seater at least with Toronto FC being one of the premier clubs in the league from what I understand.

MLSE prez says BMO configuration would cost $35M to accomadate the Argos and not sure if it's worth the investment. Not sure if artificial turf is included in that price?

Also, said TFC fans want it to stay a soccer only facility. Interviewer reminds him, that, BMO is city owned. :thup:

My thought on this: eventually the house of cards that is MLS soccer will fold, leaving BMO Tennantless. MLSE will need to get someone to play there, and that is when they might seriously look at buying the Argos. If that happens, the argos will never win a championship again..haha

I can appreciate TFC fans wanting it soccer only and keeping the turf pristine but exactly, it is city owned and should be maximally utilized since a fair bit of taxpayer money went into it.

It's not like the new grass there is helping TFC to win although not that that really matters as the debate should be to maximize taxpayers monies to the fullest, they still haven't managed to make the playoffs I don't think.

The funniest part was when he says Toronto is a great sports town :wink:
Seriously, at least he wasn't abjectly negative about the Argos and the CFL unlike the other major
player in that market. I would just like to see someone own the team who could advertise and promote
with the same visibility as the other teams in that town.

Yes, the marketing and clout and power of control over most sports with retailers and advertisers that MLSE and Rogers have really does make it difficult in that market to gain any real significant exposure. Very tough and I do give credit to anyone who ever has tried to own the Argos in the past and current actually. David Braley has some clout but no where near what MLSE and Rogers has, no where near. And that is not a putdown at all, actually a compliment that anyone would attempt to own the Argos under that situation.

Please as some of us have said no to BMO.
A glorified dumpy bleacher like stadium.
I rather stay at the crapdome instead.

Really ArgoT? I know BMO ain't no Taj Mahal but I think it could provide more intimacy for regular season games. At any rate, it's really not about me or us, those of us who aren't Argo fans in the Toronto area. It's about you guys who do go to the games and support your team, for sure.

I listened to it and he was polite and said he went to the Grey Cup he loved it. It also sounded like he could never see the Argos at BMO, he said "TFC won't give up the artificial turf", "Argo fans voted overwhelmingly in a poll to stay at Rogers Centr", "it may not be worth the expense" and he used the line "its not something we have looked at" in other words it's a "NO"
He also used the same line "its NOT something we have looked at", when asked if MLSE could someday own the Argos, in other words it's a "NO"

You're probably correct on that mike as I don't much in the way of print news on this topic.

Right now Larry Tannenbaum and MLSE have enough to deal with with the NHL debacle I am sure. :wink:

At any rate, the new $45 mill dollar stadium at York University for the Pan Ams looks fairly decent although at 12,000 seating and that's with temporary stands put in, it's a long way from a potential home for the Argos.

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I think the Argos and David Braley have put the new stadium issue to the side for now and have put there efforts towards putting together a championship team and although a new football stadium would be nice there are worse places to play then Rogers centre. This is one reason why the Argos most likely did not try to piggy back off of the track facility for the Pan Am games. The fact that it is a track facility also makes it less attractive with the track separating the fans from the field. It will however be great for York Football and recruiting in Ontatio and the GTA. Following a blueprint that Western has set for having a top CIS program in the OUA a new modern facility for CIS football program as well as other sports will now be a huge part of their recruiting pitch. With all of the OUA schools now being fully sponsored by the likes of Nike, Addidas, Russel, and Under Armour supply teams with the latest equipment and swag uniforms a stadium is what will seperate itelf from other schools. SO far Western, Mac have made it successful. the Varsity Blues also with a new stade in recent years are looking to improve football program. Ottawa Gee Gees will have a new stade soon Carleton aside from using the Laval Corp model have refurbished there athletic football facilities and stadium. Of course you can see what a new stadium has done for Guelph

I heard that interview and it does not appear that the Argos will be going to BMO and have smartly moved past it. MLSE had the pull to make it an all soccer facility and the cost to redo the facility for the Argos is just not a feasable or even desirable plan right now.
As for MLSE owning the Argos, Rogers may be a better alternative. First Rogers wants the Argos at Skydome the stadium in which they own. The Bills/NFL connection has not done at all what Rogers expected in Toronto. For Rogers to own the Argos would be chump change compared to owning the Blue Jays and from the looks of things just as many people if not more from the GTA are going to Argo Games as they are the Bills game. With Rogers owning the Argos they have the power to promote the Argos over their vast Multi Media empire which is already in place and would cost them nothing. They own Rogers Centre in which the Argos play and the CFL games are averaging between 700 to 800K tv audience for CFL games where as NFL and Bills games are about half of that.
With all of that and the very low cost it takes to run a CFL franchise compared to a MLB franchise Rogers with a stake in the CFL by owning the Argos have the means to promote them seems like a sound business deal. Plus the fact that the Grey Cup is now a money making venture for teams hosting I am quite sure that the CFL would not say no to Toronto Argos owned by Rogers playing in Rogers Centre to hosting the grey cup once every 5 years if they wanted.
Who Knows if Rogers can see the CFL as a revenue maker they may be able to build a stadium in Halifax and take over the Atlantic Region.
Just some thoughts as braley is getting older as mentioned, the CFL is now in the best shape it has been for a long time, record breaking TV audiances, Rogers showing an interest in televising one CFL game a week be it only the score mid you but they have shown interest for the first time ever. So it may be time for the Commish, Braley, and Rogers media branch and Blue jays ownership branch to sit down and talk turkey

Rogers are the last people on earth I would want owning the Argos or even televising CFL games. If the Argos can't find a legitimate private owner, they should go with community ownership like the Bombers, Riders and Esks. The other teams could chip in if they were revenue shortfalls. Another option is for the league to run the franchise.

Short term 2 or or 3 years it could work with the league owning them but past 3 years no it just would create to many issues as for teams could chip in if there are shortfalls again short term maybe but long term it would not be right or fair to other teams.

Toronto hosting the cup every 5 years would be a bit much and not fair to the other markets.

If Rogers puts up the money then every 5 years is fine with me.

The event continues to become larger and larger each year that we will be seeing the larger markets hosting the game more than the smaller markets. Facility wise now with the league and owners not wanting the weather to affect the outcome of the game there will be more of an empahisis to having the game indoors. after 2013 out on the prairies with all of the hotel issues and the game now easily selling out due to the popularity i could see the 2014 Cup in Montreal at the largest venue in the CFL Olympic stadium looking to break a record crowd for attendance. Then following up in 2015 in Winnipeg. It may go in the direction of having one outdoor game followed by an indoor game.
If the CFL sees that more revenue is being made in the bigger cities and bigger enclosed venues we may see a change in how the revenue for the Grey Cup is divided. If there is more revenue to be made in the larger citities in the larger venues then the profit sharing among all the teams may be something that the CFL will look into for Grey cups. This way with more overall money coming in the teams that are losing money will not have to wait 8 years for a big payday for hosting the Grey Cup giving everyone more profit in the long run on a regular basis. in listening to the sports cage with Rod Pederson even the Riders are a bit concerned should the weather be extremely bad.

If one markets hosts it every 5 years you risk of fans getting sick of it and even fand from outside of that market sick of it.

With the Buffalo Bills project proving to be a disaster for Rogers. Like many other ownership groups in Canada now owning more than one franchise is becoming a good investment. A lot of people may not like Rogers due to their ignoring or sometimes bashing campaigns that go on from their multi media outlets taking on the Argos would be a streamlined process. They already own the building in which the Argos play and they would like to keep the Argos there as they are the only other full time team which plays at the Rogers Centre. For Rogers they would then get 100% of the revenue from Argo Home games and have the multi media outlets in which to promote the team. Also having 100% of the Grey cup profits as team owner and venue owner of a Grey Cup. For the CFL it would be one less team that they would have to be worried about losing money.
With MLSE owning three of the 5 major sports franchises in town. Maple Leafs aside I would rather see Rogers going against the MLSE franchises the Raptors and Toronto FC with the Blue Jays and the Argos instead of going up against the Argos with the NFL Buffalo Bills ( Witch will soon be over )

you do realize, that, Rogers owns almost half of MLSE along with Bell now, right?

toronto hosted the Grey Cup in 2007 - 5 years prior to the 2012 Grey Cup. it didn't seem like anyone was sick of it.
if anything, the CFL needs the Grey Cup to be in Toronto every 5 years to remain relevant in the region.
don't want to be out of sight, out of mind.

if you're trying to push a still boulder off a cliff, you're going to have to rock it back and fourth on a regular basis to build momentum to finally push it over the edge of the cliff. you don't just push it once, walk away for 10 years, then try to push it