MLS Will Kill CFL in Ottawa??

It looks like Ottawa will be awarded an MLS franchise. Melnyk is willing to shell out $50M for a franchise and the MLS commis says they are a shoe in for a franchise.
Now the pressure is on the Ottawa city council - to choose between the Landsdowne Live proposal downtown with the CFL franchise and Melnyks Soccer proposal. Melnyk has done a great job to promote his stadium and the MLS and he's ahead of the Landsdowne team.

I just don't think that MLS soccer has a future despite what the media in Ottawa is saying about it being the sport of the future and that football is dying.

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MLS is just using Ottawa, Vancouver will be the Canadian city to get an expansion franchise in this round. But soccer the sport of the future in the US? Soccer is the most popular sport in the world is my understanding. The MLS is just a league that is fighting desperately to gain respect in the US compared with football and baseball that have so much more history and TV deals. Soccer is a great sport, I just think that the MLS will fold sooner than later. Lots if kids in it in the US but Americans still aren't buying it in droves as a spectator sport, doesn't really matter much if Canada is buying it a lot as a spectator sport for a US TV deal. If the MLS grants too many Canadian franchises without getting US franchises, they aren't going to get the US deals they want because not enough quality US bids for a team there. Then they look desperate having to come to Canada for franchises and this looks bad to US television networks and down the tubes they go. That's the way I see it going.

Why would Ottawa want to committ to a stadium way out in Kanata anyways?

Why do so many people feel the CFL or any of its teams are so easy to "kill"? The fan base for the CFL goes back much farther than any other league. There were lots Renegade fans at the past Grey Cup for goodness sakes.

Please stop thinking that the CFL or any of its teams can be so easily killed. The only reason Ottawa has lost a team twice is bad ownership. Period.

At the end of the day, it's still soccer.
Despite all the perceived success, I still read that MLS attendance was down. Still feels to me like the most highly attended teams wouldn't even touch the CFL average.

Anything I've read usually pegs the league average well below 20,000.

I feels like it could grow in places like Toronto -- with large ethnic populations -- but I'm not sure where it plateau. They may have done that already. Feels like this could fade away like soccer has many times before.

For the CFL to succeed in Ottawa, Hunt will have to draw about 4,000 more than Ottawa’s average professional football attendance.

For MLS to succeed in Ottawa, Melnyk will have to draw about 15,000 more than Ottawa’s average professional soccer attendance.

Earl, I’m surprised you haven’t heard… soccer has been the sport of the future for the last 30+ years! :slight_smile:


Good points re soccer.
I think the reasons MLS will not fly outside Toronto and maybe Vancouver, is that there is lots of skill but it is slow, boring and does not produce enough goal scoring for the length of time the game is played. Also no history here in Canada.
However unless something happens soon in Ottawa on a new CFL franchise there could be a huge loss of fan interest. Things are taking way too long to get going.

Best to do it properly though. Plus, allowing the awful taste of the Rough Riders and Renegades to clear out might not be a bad thing. Hard to have a hunger for football when you still clearly recollect the circus of owners and countless losing seasons.

Thanks mr62. Just reading this and although the article is a bit negative, I'm sure the Hunt proposal will be tweaked to take into consideration some of the issues:

The latest word on Lansdowne will come at the city's corporate services and economic development committee meeting on Feb. 17



Reducing the space for trade shows my more than half of what they have had looks like a recipe for disaster. Every city needs trade shows. Why on earth was this not taken into account with the new proposal for Lansdowne Park?  Maybe I am missing something here but it's no wonder things are taking so long. 

Lansdowne Park was a great place to watch football when I was in Ottawa in the early 1960’s. I hope the new stadium can be built there but I think the Hunt gang better have a plan B ready if they are serious about a CFL franchise.

Maybe mr62, I don't know the situation there to be honest. Maybe this could be a deal breaker in the whole thing?

Here's Melnyk's website, sort of like landsdowne live.

Soccer out in Kanata beside a parking lot to an arena? Wow, what a fun time. No thanks, I’ll pass but whatever Ottawa wants, their choice.

As the website says, bring the world to Kanata, sorry, Ottawa. Go for it world, me as a Canadian here sure doesn’t want it nor care in the least.