MLS team's stadium

It is going to be made so that football can be played on it aswell, but are the argos going to be playing on it?

no, the argos are staying at skydome.
the argos are stuck there, and i'm glad (it's a better venue), through 2009 at least.

THey were going to play at the potential U of T or York stadiums because those would seat 25,000.

But with the Exhibiiton Stadium only set to seat 20,000 the Argos decided to stay put.

SMART TEAM!!!! Unlike Montreal.

If the Argos were moving, I wouldn't settle for any thing less than a minimum of 30,000 seat stadium, that can be expanded to 45,000 or 50,000 come playoffs or Grey Cup.

and is Toronto getting a MLS team? that sucks, that league really blows.

for once I agree with KK.

We have agreed on things in the past sporty!

or most of the time we have agreed to disagree.

Molson was the best place for the als to play at that point, and still is now. At the time, they weren’t selling 20K tickets and every spread at the big O was a HORIBLE atmosphere. The small stadium improved the atmosphere and created some demand for tickets.

As for now, It’s probably cheaper to expand Molson then to get the big O back to an acceptable level.

or stay at Molson, hope the team stays good and keeps attendance up that the team can ask for a new 30,000 or 40,000 stadium and get it, and play there.

I don't think that Molson is good for the Al's in the long run, unless it can fit at least 30,000 people.

only stadium in Montreal that can do the Grey Cup is the Big O, and with people calling for that's head, well, no Big O, no Grey Cup, etc.

I'm not sure what their final goal is, but as adding 5000 seats is "step II" i'd asume they're going for around that

what's step 3, Grey Cup (which I don't see happening at Molson), or a new stadium?

step 2 of the molson renovation plans, they've commited to getting that stadium to a big size

needs to be expanded to at least 40,000 for a GC, regular size should be 30,000 at a minimum.

you seem to be very wrong about them not getting a grey cup, as they were just awarded one. As for Molson, I'd wager the target is between 35-40K seats.

I said that they wouldn't get it again if they got rid of the Big O before expanding Molson or getting a new stadium.

but since they have the Big O, they got the GC in 2008, which may be it's last, but I couldn't be more happier!

I hope your right about the Molson expansion.

Already has more teams than the CFL and is making money/ breaking even. :wink:

I'd assume that Molson is going to be renovated to at least 30 000+ if they als plan to keep playing there.

I hate MLS, just a baseball/euro soccer rip off (even worse since the league isn't divided into leagues, it's divided into CONFERENCES!!!), I miss the Dallas Burn and the Florida teams, and the new teams sux. I hate it with ever inch of my body. WUSA was better, until it folded.

Mark my words, the MLS is doomed to fail.

I hope your right.

No you hate the MLS because it will steal some publicity from the CFL.

It seems to me that you are always down on the CFL, AB, is it because you don't want the CFL to become popular again? Are you worried that they may steal some of the thunder from your favourite league?

Soccer will never steal the CFL's fire in North America.