MLS rules on players

Thought this might be interesting to some as we are always discussing the CFL import ratio:

I. MLS ROSTER COMPOSITIONA Major League Soccer team's full roster is comprised of the Senior Roster and the Developmental Roster. The full roster shall exceed no more than 28 total players: 18 players on the Senior Roster and no more than 10 players on the Developmental Roster. All 28 players are eligible for selection as part of the game-day squad during the regular season and playoffs.

Other than at specified times during preseason or through injury situations (a player added as a season-ending injury replacement), an MLS team shall have no more than 18 senior roster players at any time. The senior roster is comprised of the following players, who all count against a team's salary budget:

A domestic player is either a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident (green card holder) or the holder of other special status (e.g., has been granted refugee or asylum status).

Each team shall be allowed up to four (4) Senior International players on its roster - non-domestic players who turn 25 years or older during the season in question. Although these players can be traded by MLS teams, the Senior International slots themselves cannot be traded.

A Youth International is a non-domestic player (i.e., non-U.S. citizen and non-green card holder) who is 24 years old or younger. At the beginning of the year in which the player is due to reach the age of 25, this player will be re-classified as a Senior International. Beginning with the 2005 MLS season, each MLS club was allotted three (3) Youth International spots. Unlike Senior International spots, all Youth International spots can be traded on a permanent or temporary basis (the slots revert to the original team in the latter case). Youth International players may be signed to Senior Roster contracts or Developmental Roster contracts (see "Developmental Roster" below).

  • For Toronto FC, players with the legal right to work in Canada are considered domestic players (Canadian citizen, permanent resident, part of a protected class). Toronto FC is allowed to have four Senior Internationals, plus up to three additional Senior Internationals who qualify as a domestic for a U.S.-based MLS team Toronto FC is permitted the same number of Youth International spots as expansion teams.

MLS teams shall not have more than 10 developmental players on their developmental roster at any time (unless a player is added as a season-ending injury replacement). Developmental players can be either domestic or international and must be 24 years of age (goalkeepers may be 25) or younger during the calendar year of competition. These players do not count against a team's salary budget. They are signed to non-guaranteed contracts and thus, can be waived at any time. Teams are permitted an unlimited number of signings during a given season to ensure all 10-man developmental roster spots are occupied at any one time.

Generation adidas players and domestic and international underclassmen, form part of a team's Developmental Roster. They are acquired by MLS teams through the SuperDraft, Lottery, Discovery or waiver system (see below) if they join the League after the SuperDraft. ...

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Noticed this also from the Sportsnet forum site from a poster:

Toronto FC has signed six Canadians to developmental deals. I believe they were all in camp with TOFC all along but were signed officially yesterday. Good to see us adding and developing young Canadian talent.

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