MLS is a Joke

Beat by a team with a 150k salary cap..lmao

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Wow, maybe the talent difference between the two leagues isn't all that much despite the big difference in salaries. :o

It really isnt. The top 10000 players in the world all play in either Europe or South America.
The best players in North America, play in Mexico
The MLS and NASL pick up the scraps. Of course the MLS picks up designated players that improve the teams a little.

The Whitecaps did not use most of their regular starters.

The Whitecaps started a mostly ThunderCaps (Whitecaps FC 2) and Canadian lineup, with Aird, Adekugbe, McKendry, Teibert, Bustos, and Froese starting.

That's really sad Travel that they, the Whitecaps, would disrespect this type of game. I don't know any of those players names but I don't follow MLS. But at any rate, Wow! :o Tells me a lot about the soccer culture in this country if that is true. Very sad.

Thank god we have the Grey Cup that transcends this type of behaviour.

Earl - Vancouver's main goal is to win MLS. This separate Canadian competition that leads to CONCACAF still is regarded as a bit of a secondary competition much like in the UK with the FA Cup these days - especially the early rounds of these competitions. In the FA Cup it is common to see elite Premier League teams often dress a roster of all reserves for games against lower division teams - and that is why you often see some of the elite Premier League teams get beat by lower division teams with a small fraction of the payroll of the Premier League team in early FA Cup rounds.

If Vancouver decides they really want to go all in on this Canadian competition they'll field more starters in the return game back in Vancouver to try to advance. If they determine that for them their own league games are more important - they'll go with reserves again and hope for a better result at home - but will have rested (and none injured)| stars for their next league games - which for them and most of their fans - are more important.

This would sort of be like asking Canadian NHL teams to play Canadian AHL teams in a competition and expect the NHL team to play all their stars.

That's my point, the Grey Cup competition to determine our national football championship IS the main goal and gets full respect of course from CFL teams. Why have a Canadian championship at all if teams are going to treat the game(s) like a second class citizen?