MLS, Impact have supplanted CFL and Alouettes

r the Alouettes, drawing 61,000 fans to the Big O is now an impossible dream. They’ve lost that No. 2 slot and they’re unlikely to get it back. Cutting ties with Jim Popp will help. Popp over the past five seasons had become a drag on the entire organization on and off the field, an inept GM who piled one mistake atop another (Jerome Messam, anyone?) failed to have a quarterback on hand to replace Anthony Calvillo — and went into a public snit when he wasn’t allowed to coach.
To be fair, the Als don’t get much help from the CFL. It’s still the Canadian Flag League, you could prepare a cordon bleu meal during some of the replay review delays — and with the public increasingly queasy about the link between football-related concussions and brain damage, the league decided to double down on dumb.

Meh, another tunnel vision look at the present and think it's the new normal article.

The Impact going to the playoffs 2 straight years incl. an eastern conference final appearence in conjunction with the Als missing the playoffs the same 2 years. And now they're undisputedly #2 in the market for ever and ever?

Talk about low hanging fruit.

Such great progress that the Impact just mothballed their USL team.

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We are only two years removed from Saputo getting angry with Montreal citizens for not supporting the Impact with
small crowds for the team .

At least Saputo built the stadium originally on his own then got support for expansion with Government money .

I admire his tenacity and love of the game . How can we not get someone building a Saputo Stadium in Halifax ?

CFL needs to take a lesson for this one good example of getting something built that fits the bill especially when we are not far removed from Halifax offering 20 million to any partner but no one came calling ( a complete flop by our CFL leadership ) .