MLS ditches U.S. Open Cup, sparking outrage and questions throughout American


Wouldn’t this set soccer back in the US in the long term?

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Meh, I have non-news news for folks, which includes overwhelmingly MOST soccer fans in the US - NOBODY CARES!

This announcement is anticlimactic.

The growth path of soccer in the US is just fine, for now that is, via MLS, American players in Europe and in the Premier League, the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup hosted in the US, and the World Cup 2026 and all their dividends at least through the 2030 World Cup.

The US Open Cup is only one of the many sideshow tournaments that will be tossed to the side, and not only in the US, as FIFA play grows much as has UEFA play in Europe.

In North America they are trying very hard to do more via CONCACAF, but so far one can file that one under soccer diarrhoea too because few care.