MLS Cup tv ratings

I wonder how many hundreds watched this game? Pat, do you have any numbers?

rcon - ask and you shall receive. :slight_smile:

No TSN ratings yet - but apparently a record low on ESPN in the USA.

MLS Cup Hits Low on ESPN

The Crew/Timbers MLS Cup earned a 0.4 overnight rating on ESPN Sunday afternoon, down a third from Revolution/Galaxy last year (0.6) and down a tick from Real Salt Lake/Sporting Kansas City in 2013. The 0.4 is the lowest ever for the MLS Cup on an English-language network. Comparable numbers for the Spanish-language telecast on UniMás were not immediately available.

I'm not sure how many viewers a 0.4 rating represents. I think (but don't quote me on this) that likely means something like 500,000 - 600,000 viewers. We should get actual viewer numbers for Canada later today or tomorrow (undoubtedly tiny) and the actual ESPN viewer numbers later this week.

And I think the MLS is INSANE for holding their championship game in a time slot that is going head to head with the NFL. In the USA that is sports rating suicide. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

Agreed, but their options are limited. Friday night is high school ball, Saturday afternoon and evening had some huge college games and Sunday has NFL games all day and night. Maybe they should consider Thursday night in future.

Here are the viewership numbers.

TSN - 87,000
ESPN - 668,000
Univision (Spanish) - 206,000

The game was also on UniMas and those numbers have not been released yet.

Here are the English-language MLS Cup viewing figures for the last 7 years:
2015: 668,000
2014: 964,000
2013: 505,000
2012: 797,000
2011: 1,030,000
2010: 748,000
2009: 1,100,000

With the states having 10 times the population, there were actually per capita watching in Canada than in the US, with two American teams playing in the finals. That is pretty sad numbers.

At least they waited until a week after the Grey Cup. The numbers in Canada would have been lucky to get 20k, had they played that weekend.