MLS 2021 Season

Canadian Clubs

Due to travel restrictions between the US and Canada, Major League Soccer continues to work with the league’s three Canadian clubs regarding plans for the 2021 regular season. More details on plans for the Canadian teams will be announced in the near future.

Like any sports league season to open during Covid-19, a CBA negotiation stands beforehand

League imposed deadline end of calendar day on Feb 4

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Covid may have brought a casualty off the field.

The league is still commitment to Sacramento but it's going to be an uphill climb for a smaller market that got leapfrogged by many other places with the rising fees along the way.

Looks like the "2020" Voyageurs Cup will be March 20th.


MLS Fans, question

I was an early fan back upon the league's opening season in 1996 and stayed until about 2004 for DC United before I left the Washington DC area.

Now in 2021 there are 27 teams even after all the failures, and well I am shocked at its growth.

But how in the world are they able to play this oncoming season without fans at the venues? Or are there limited fans?

Are the owners bankrolling the season at a loss? Does the TV contract make up for much?

Interesting scoop via - now emerging are two competing leagues in in North America? Who knew!?

During the resurgence of a pandemic that never ended anyway, what could go wrong?

Few big winners I figure and a whole lot more big losers. Most fans of these leagues are already lost anyway. Jason Davis of Sirius XM FC certainly does them or the game no favours as the lead radio guy in the US for the MLS.

  • After MLS announced plans to set up its own B league to compete with the USL, the USL has now struck back with plans to break loose from MLS, potentially switching to a European fall-through-spring schedule with promotion and relegation between its two tiers. This is bound to lead to an endless flamewar between pro/rel advocates and MLS defenders, which will be of great interest to soccer fans and nobody else, but more important: Now that there are effectively two competing soccer leagues in the U.S., each with their own massive expansion plans, cities would be absolutely insane to offer any stadium subsidies just to land a pro soccer team, since every municipality of any size is going to get one now regardless. Are you listening, cities? No? SHOULD I TYPE LOUDER?

Here's a link on the developments in June with the MLS.

The MLS overplayed its hand in my opinion, as the USL decided yesterday to not be interwined any more.

The two leagues are effectively competing with each other in upcoming seasons. Nothing screams out loudly more "FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!", let alone during a global pandemic on the rise anew, than a minor global soccer league war on a continent!

Next is the article on the USL announcement, but it's behind a wall so maybe a freely readable one comes out in a few days: