MLS 2020

Yup. And the NHL made the same error coming to a new CBA too early without knowing the how this would impact things....tried to renegotiate but it back fired on them

Just to clarify, the new CBA in MLS was agreed to by both sides before the start of the 2020 season.

However, it had not been formally ratified by either sides when the league shut down in March two weeks into the season.

This resulted in the had been agreed to CBA to be renegotiated, which is what got them to start playing again in mid-2020. A huge difference between the two was the first one did not have a force majeure clause.

It was the renegotiated CBA that then included the force majeure clause.

So I don't think saying "separate agreement" is quite the correct way to describe the MLS situation. :slight_smile:

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Probably time to start a 2021 season thread but a couple of off field turn of events

Montreal MLS team rebrands as Club De Foot Montreal -

I still don't see the reasoning behind this aside from trying to sell new merch. They can always change the look but keep the name. The Impact brand has been around for over 30 years. I can see an 'FC' type name as a start up

Also, MLS has taken over ownership of Real Salt Lake as of January 8 from Hansen

Report: MLS has taken over sale of RSL, ‘hopeful it can sell the team in 2021’ - Deseret News

Not the best time to sell a team right now especially for one the smaller markets but at least they own their own facilities.

Love how they call themselves Major League Soccer but have teams with FC and United and all those Euro style names.

Not exactly fooling anyone.

Yes, the Euro-izing of the MLS is a little nauseating. Take me back to the early MLS days when there were cheerleaders, and no ties.