MLS 2019

Will be interesting to see how empty BMO field will be for T(who)FC games this year, now that the “Atomic Piss Ant” is gone!

Apparently the home opener for the CPL is on the same day of a TFC match.

Probably not as empty as for Argos games still.

Boy, Toronto might as well not even play the second leg of their opening round Concacaf Champions League series, after dropping the first leg 4-0.

That’s a shame. :slight_smile:

What kind of morons host an outdoor soccer game in February in Canada? The temperature was -10 and the bloody kickoff wasn’t until 8 PM! Hopefully the clowns that showed up to this joke didn’t set any seats on fire again while trying to stay warm. I can’t wait to hear the annual whining about the condition of the field.

toronto fc are going to be a bad team this year. Probably not unlike last year. Average crowds will drop to around 23 - 24,000 per game.

Blue jays and Argos will also suck. It’s going to be a long summer for Toronto sports fans.

hopefully they will not be celebrating a Stanley cup.

yeah, that’s right, hockey is a sport too :slight_smile:

Yup -we’re clearly in a cycle where it is the Raps and Leafs dominating the Toronto sports fans’ passions for now. I still like the look of the Jays rebuild. I feel about their roster the way I felt about the Leafs about 3-4 years ago.

As for TFC? On the fence for the moment - but truthfully it is obvious they are not good enough to truly compete this year in the CONCACAF unlike last year when they almost won it. So I’m glad they’ve bowed out quickly so that all their focus will now be on the regular MLS season.

Last year until mid-April their focus was mainly on CONCACAF and by the time that run ended - they had so many injuries and had dropped to the bottom of the MLS standings - that they never recovered. By the end of the year they were a pretty good team again - beating the team that won the championship - Atlanta - in the last game of the season. And that was a big game for Atlanta because they lost the conference title because of that loss.

So looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day when I’ll be at BMO for the home opener. A St. Patrick’s Day evening opener with TFC fans - who undoubtedly will have spent the late afternoon over in Liberty Village downing green beers. Oh boy - that should be fun.

TFC finished off a disappointing performance at Concacaf Champions league by getting pasted 5-1 aggregate score in front of about 3,500 fans at BMO Field.

Good move by TFC to re-sign Altidore through 2022. Also they have signedSpanish attacking midfielder Alejandro Pozuelo from Belgian league-leader KRC Genk. He’s a 27 year old that hopefully will replace some of the goals they lost when Giovinco went to Saudi Arabia.

He won’t join the team until the end of March.

And here’s hoping we have a big time warmup in the next couple of weeks. An evening game by the lake just 17 days from now - the way this winter has been going - could be damn cold and snowy. Yet another in this seemingly never ending string of snow storms - a possibility agan this Sunday.

Big season opener win for TFC - especially after what had happened in the CONCACAF debacle. 3 - 1 win in a chippy game in Philly. Michael Bradley looked mad the entire game and scored twice.

Now if only the weatherman cooperates and warms things up a bit in these parts for two weeks from this evening for the TFC home opener which is a 7:30PM start on Sunday - St. Patrick’s Day. This week we’re supposed to have wind chills near -25C again at that time of day. Please be warmer than that.

Rooney paying dividends in D.C.

A 2-0 win over Atlanta and 5,000 people in the stands - if that. Be curious to see how many they announce.


And yes there were a ton of empty seats but 4C and pouring rain throughout the game and I understand the no-shows.

Uh-huh. ::slight_smile:

What’s the point of having attendance numbers if they are NO where close to being accurate?

In that world, I have a 30 inch waist and I weigh a mean, lean 175 lbs. ::slight_smile:

Are not the stands covered at the new stadium??? Good excuse though. :wink:

What’s the point of even looking at the stands when the numbers they use, and the numbers MLS apologists quote, will come out of thin air?

What it’s like discussing MLS attendance with MLS fans…

It is the reality of pro sports today. The no-show rate for weeknight regular season games is in the 20% range in MLB.

The Ti-cats have probably been in the 20% no show range for many of their ‘sellouts’ over the last few seasons.

As for TFC - they’ve raised ticket prices this year. The team is also going to add hybrid roots to the turf in April and just spent a reported $12.5 million transfer fee to a Belgian club to land ‘The Maestro’ Alejandro Pozuelo.