MLS 2019

It will be another cold February evening start for TFC with their first home game of 2019 vs.Club Atlético Independiente (from Panama) on Tuesday night February 26th. 2nd game of the two game CONCACAF Champions League opening round. They play the week before in Panama.

The MLS regular season sees TFC playing in Philly on March 2nd. TFC’s MLS regular season home opener is on St. Paddy’s Day afternoon. Oh what a party that should be.

Big change to the MLS playoffs for 2019. The top 7 teams in each division make the playoffs. The first place team will get a bye. Team 2 will host Team 7, Team 3 will host Team 6 and Team 4 will host Team 5 in one game sudden death format. After that round the conference semi-finals and finals will also be a one game sudden death format with the higher ranked team being the host.

No more two game home and home format.

And by doing it this way they will fit the entire playoffs in between the two international breaks and the MLS Cup will be done and dusted by Novmber 10 - about a month earlier.

Helps avoid the likelihood of bad winter weather impacting games plus it works for the following year when the 2020 Qatar World Cup starts on November 21.

2020 Qatar World Cup? For what? Handball?

The World Cup of Soccer is scheduled for Qatar in 2022

Soccer is mafia like. Next. Controlled by Europeans even in NA who think like mafia.

Sad for the sport because the actual athletics is fantastic but the sport of soccer is so corrupt I’d be ashamed to even call myself a fan of this corruptness.

well, there is a difference between being a fan of the sport and being a fan of the league/organization.

I have not always been a fan of the CFL league as much as I have the game.

Ok, but you’re good with guys running into each other and causing brain injuries. No shame there. Yes, FIFA is a messed up organization but I think most soccer fans aren’t fans of FIFA outside of the video game. This kind of bs high ground crap though makes you look pretty foolish. You don’t like soccer that’s fine, don’t worry about it and move on.

Me too!!!

What? This league hasn’t folded yet?

Something’s the hold up?

I just wish that 50 years ago, there was the same potential to make a living playing soccer in Canada as there is today.

Apparently there is some really good young Canadian soccer talent expected to go in the MLS Superdraft.


[justify]In other MLS news things are looking up for the Columbus Crew. Their new billionaire ownership group have hired Tim Bezbatchenko as President. He had been the VP and GM of Toronto FC during the years the team was an MLS Cup champion.[/justify]

[justify]And with a new $230 million stadium planned for near the Nationwide Arena in Columbus suddenly that team which looked like it was on the move is now really on solid ground. Here some info on their new 20,000 seat stadium.[/justify]

[justify]TFC in the meantime have announced a GM replacement for the highly regarded Bezbatchenko announcing Ali Curtis as their new GM. He previously built the NY Red Bulls into an Eastern Conference and Supporters Sheild Champion in his time there.[/justify]

Giovenco’s days with TFC are apparently done.

Sold to Saudi Arabian club Ali-Hilal for a transfer fee of 2-3 million.

This will free up allot of cash now and the future as an contract extension wasn’t going anywhere. He’ll make more $$$ in Saudi Arabia. My understanding leagues like them will pay well for guys in the later years of their career to give the league some recognition.

Giovenco wasn’t happy here anymore so it’s best to part ways.

Re : " My understanding leagues like them will pay well for guys in the later years of their career to give the league some recognition."

Isn’t the MLS a “league like them”? :wink:

I hope his new team somehow keeps the grass perfect in the desert or…

How do you whine in Arabic?

2(!), count em, 2 posts about this at the Cabbage Patch. ::slight_smile:

We have more posts here.

My Arabic is rusty but Seba needs to learn this phrase…

أنا أبكي لأن العشب ليس مثاليًا.

'ana 'abki li’ana aleashb lays mthalyana.

Which translates to : “I am crying because the grass is not perfect.”

The Saudi League seems like a perfect retirement league for Giovenco as MLSE won’t give him even close to what he’s making now in an extension.

MLS is more like a mid-age crisis league :slight_smile: MLSE can send some grass seeds too.

how do you feel about your own grass?

it really sucks when your grass goes to pot

Oh, oh. It was just announced…

The Riyadh Argonauts are moving into King Saud University Stadium.

Poor Seba just can’t catch a break!!!

To be fair most of them are from you ;D

Don’t I wish!

I got banned on Day 1.

TFC fans sound spoiled.

Believing MLSE should spend that 7.1 million saved on Seba on another DP, even the audacity of saying MLSE could afford it–on the Maple Leaf’s profit.

But I think it’s an sign the cat has fallen out of the bag. TFC needs to make money.

Last day of the January transfer window internationally. Biggest MLS export ever. Atlanta FC’s Miguel Almiron signed by Newcastle United of the Premier League for a reported $27 million USD transfer fee. The most that Premier League club has ever paid for a player.

This article breaks down how these fees are shared with the league and what the club gets to keep. (All rather complicated). But in the end it is estimated the club will get to keep about $23 million of that fee.

Tidy profit for the club on that young star who helped them sell a ton of tickets and win a championship.

[url=][b]Miguel Almiron[/b][/url]’s league-record sale to Newcastle United FC brings with it an unprecedented financial windfall for[url=][b]Atlanta United[/b][/url]and MLS. In selling Almiron, Atlanta is proving that its system works: Buy young players with potential, even for high sums, and watch them accrue value and win you championships before selling them on.
Now that we see Atlanta’s profit in this transaction, it’s clear to see why the club has shown no hesitation to acquire players for some of the most expensive sums in league history in[url=][b]Ezequiel Barco[/b][/url]and Pity Martinez. Barring catastrophe, these players will likely increase their values significantly playing stateside. It’s actually a lower-risk approach, if done right, then is signing older players at the ends of their careers for large sums. Aside from any marketing gains, those expenses are sunk costs. Transfer fees, on the other hand, are more like a security deposit (at worst) and ideally an asset. As MLS’s TV rights improve and expand and the league continues to improve and grow, the “shop window? will get fancier and European clubs will continue to spend for these players.
Sounds like a lot of MLS clubs could learn from Atlanta FC.