MLS 2017

I figure - what the heck - why not have an MLS thread.

Toronto FC are expected to challenge again for the MLS championship as all three MLSE teams are pretty good now after years of failure.

I do have to give a massive tip of the cap to TFC fans. As somebody who was a cold, drowned rat by the time I got home from work Friday evening with winds, rain and 2C temperatures and windchills below 0C - I was surprised how many people actually showed up at BMO Field in that weather. The south end was packed the entire game even though the high roof at that end provided those faans almost no cover from the frigid rain.

Plus cool that their fans are so passionate they create things like the giant Tifo they unfurled at the start of the game.

Will the Argos be able to build a fan base that will show up in similar decent numbers at their games?

Geez, can’t make an thread dedicated just to MLS without taking a shot at the Argos eh?

Mind you, the fact it took the 4th week for a thread to start speaks volumes :lol:

Back on topic, good start to TFC overall, they should do OK. Though I always like a good underdog, I’m behind Atlanta this year :rockin:

Asking a question about Argos fans is now considered taking a shot against them. Geez Argos fans are getting soft. :smiley:

Well considering you're asking a question about them is 'rhetorical' based on your own knowledge on the situation, the 'intent' is well noted :lol:

Anyway, as this thread should be about the actual season we'll leave it at that and this should see a bump in the next week or two :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see the TFC (and Blue Jays) off to such a slow start. :thup:

Here's hoping they both continue their suckage!! :thup:

Amen, brother. :thup:

I have to admit - on a night that has pretty much every Southern Ontario sports fan living and dying with the Leafs, the Jays on TV at the same time - and TFC playing against an expansion MLS team - Atlanta - it is a pretty good crowd at BMO tonight.

I really expected a close to half empty stadium - yet when I flipped over between periods - the stadium is really much fuller than I expected. 26,812 the announced crowd and not far fom that number apparently there tonight.

But ANOTHER tie for TFC.

TFC drew against an expansion team (giggle, giggle).

I guess we see what we want to see because it looked (more than) half empty to me and I watched the entire 2nd half. I was pleasantly surprised with all the empty seats.

An expansion team that has only lost one of their first five games. 2-2-1 through five games. Moving into their $1.5 billion dollar stadium they share with the Falcons soon.

And big news Monday - I'll start a separate thread on this - CONCACAF is submitting a joint Canada/USA/Mexico World Cup bid for 2026. Does that mean big money for a big NFL stadium in Toronto if that bid wins?

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

That has nothing to do with the TFC drawing an expansion team.

I hate to disappoint but there's no money for a new stadium. City, province and feds are broke - especially Ontario and you can thank your buddies McGuinty and Wynne for that. Especially, no billion dollars for a THIRD of a World Cup bid.

Canada would revolt...

Hey! No money for the poor, meds and medical service, but to host a handful of soccer games, let's spend a $1B (by then it will be close to $2B) for a stadium. Um... no! :roll:

As people with a social conscience, we should be above this. Anyone who supports it, should be ashamed of themselves.

Huh? The south end - as always - completely packed and here views of the east and west side from the telecast. More than half empty? Only if A BUNCH of empty seats were disguised as people Kevin.

Argos would kill for a crowd like this.

Your pictures are on an angle and blurry.

I watched the game and you could see the White Maple Leaf clearly. There were a TON of empty red seats.

My pictures are shots with my phone off my TV screen where I took shots from one of the few times where almost the entire east or west side were shown all at once because that seemed to be the most logical way to make my point.

Even though a bit fuzzy they are abundantly clear enough to show that WAY more than half the seats were occupied.

I do have the game PVR'd so I can post A TON of section by section pictures showing WAY MORE than half the seats in each section occupied in every single east and south section that the cameras hit during the game if you insist Kevin. Here a sample for you - and I'm intentionally picking shots that do not include the south end where there were ZERO empty seats in the supporters sections.

As for the World Cup the federal government has made it abundantly clear it will only contribute to pro sports facilities for major intenrational sports events- as they did with the initial building of BMO Field for the Under 20 World Cup and the contributions they made to facilities for te Pan Am games including Tim Hortons Field.

A few top level World Cup games in Canada would generate hundreds of millions in tourism impact for the two ot three Canadian cities that might be used in a 3 country bid. Calgary may be able to use that to help fund a new soccer/CFL stadium - and because soccer stadiums basically have the same dimensions as an NFL stadium - you have to know there are big moneyed people in TO who would latch on to that kind of opportunity. :

I'm sure you picked the pictures that support your argument. However, I saw the game and it looked half empty.

As for your argument to build a $1B+ (likely $2B CDN by 2025) stadium for a few soccer games that you feel will bring in $100M's in tourism dollars, I think you are being naïve and it makes me question your priorities and knowledge of finance. That money would/could/should go towards hospitals and meds.

Anyway, feel free to hope. However, I don't believe an 80,000 NFL-esque stadium has a chance in heck in today's Canadian economic world.

It would be too expensive for the private sector and too poisonous for the public sector.

The Whitecaps white uniforms had them disappearing from view almost in the snow storm they plyed in tonight in Salt Lake City.

I can see the Federal election (in 2024) now...

IF a Federal party did agree to build a stadium (not going to happen) to host a few soccer games, the 2 opposing parties would be saying, "Our first day in office we will kill this deal and put this money towards health care". Guess who would win? Not the party that agreed to spend Billions on a stadium.

TFC lost. No wins in 2017. That's a shame. :lol:

I hope this team doesn't wreck the turf.