MLFB cancels season

Shocking news! :roll:

which CFL team will sign Lefevour I wonder...

Worst kept secret

Now start free agent frenzy part II L re: Lefevour :smiley:

Too soon after their announcement to begin play this year. It does make sense to wait until 2017 and more time to sell tickets.
If Lefevour is healthy, he's going to be a good addition to any team. Could be a good back up in Sask, BC or Win and with the potential to be a starter.

All fans of the CFL should hope and want to have a second US league.

That way the NFL would stop raiding our stars.

I myself really enjoyed the UFL and made 4 trips to Las Vegas for Locos games.

Poor promotion and crooked owners destroyed it.

Do not get me started on Trump lead USFL. The USFL would still be going if not for him.

No way, the USFL cost the CFL some of it's stars back in the day, including my favourite Rider at the time, Joey Walters. A successful second league (which will never be successful again in my opinion) would not be good for the CFL.

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MLFB stock is down to 70 cents

The USFL focused on NFL guys and big name college stars. Very little impact on the CFL.
A second US league today, would be more of a develop league.

Think how many big stars we had come to the CFL thanks to WLAF, XFL and UFL.

They add to us not hurt us. I stand by my statement . A second US league would help keep NFL people away from us.

I saw the games Lefevour played after Zac got hurt. He was quite good when he stepped into the QB spot for Hamilton. I sure hope he makes his way back to the CFL

Great wheels, a below average arm.
Still might be a good back up addition.

Well, on that reasoning, the second US league would have the cream of the non NFL talent. So we would be trading the "best of the worst NFLers" for the "second best of the worst NFLers" in exchange for longevity IN THE LEAGUE, as team commitments is long gone.

No Thanks.

Right.They would stop raiding our stars only if our stars weren't good enough for them to raid.

I think that many if not all of the stars we got from failed US leagues would have been here even earlier had those leagues not existed in the first place. In a few cases, they might have found and developed talent that would have been overlooked by the CFL (much in the same way the CFL does for the NFL), but by and large they would not have had another league to choose to play in.

Losing our star receiver was a huge impact to our team. Huge. And of course the more pro teams there are, the more watered down the talent gets, it's just a numbers game. Just like how the NHL got watered down with all the expansion. You want less competition for talent, not more.

Here's a complete list of players who played in both leagues at one point or another. Lots of familiar names on the list.

Keep in mind, a second US league would only play 10 or 12 games. Half a season if you will.

Another USFL 18 games would not happen.

Part time season would be a development league. Made up of CFL American cuts and guys not in the NFL.

Many of the CFL American cuts are a result of the ratio.

Comparing football to hockey as for watering down the talent is wrong.

How many football players come out of US university and colleges ? There is a lot of talent out there and not enough teams.

That is not the case in the NHL. Of coarse it is watered down.

I am just saying that a alternate league would be noticed by the NFL.

I hate it when the CFL stars that make this game exciting and then are targets.

NFL people look at the CFL and think , " that CFL has some good talent, lets go get some ".

IMO, an alternate US league would help prevent that. Or at least minimize it.

Someone asked Dan Lefevour on his twitter account if we will see him in the CFL this year. His response was "Stay Tuned"

What does the number of players coming out of US university and colleges have to do with this argument, other than nothing? That's the same as hockey. If you have two leagues, and then there's three leagues, there's obviously a watering down. This is not a difficult concept to grasp.

Possibly in Green and White

Do you really think he would go to Sask. to be 3rd on depth chart.? Durant AND SMITH are much better than anything he can offer. He aint gonna fool Jones and/or Murphy.
T.C. fodder at best if he chooses Sask.

How can a 3rd league water down talent, when there are to many football players and not enough teams ?

The 600 players that were going to play in MLFB, had very little chance to play in the CFL. The ratio halts that.
Also, guys in the CFL are not going to jump to MLFB.

When the UFL folded in 2012 only a hand few of UFL players made it on to CFL teams.

So all a 3rd league would do is provide jobs to guys who would not have one otherwise.
Then, when players in the 3rd league improve their skill level, the NFL would focus on them instead of CFL players.

In other words, the CFL talent would stay in the CFL.

Possible. Je n'exclurais pas les Lions, les Eskimos et les Alouettes du portrait non plus.