MLFB and XFL 2.0

Get a life, this is a dogs breakfast.
With no disrespect to the dogs.

I don't believe Vince McMahon would venture into some of the cities mentioned... New York, LA, Chicago, Miami, SF would have to be in the mix... I can't see the XFL 2.0 doing well in Shreveport, Tulsa, Memphis or Salt Lake City, even San Diego would be a longshot. The only enduring things from that league are the camera angles and the "He Hate Me" guy... but even having cameras all over the field would have been inevitable, plus the fans are going to have a "show me" quality, exciting football attitude when it comes to any new league.

It is not XFL 2.0.

It will have no connection to WWE or the former XFL.


I have a life. Pretty awesome one even.

In fact, based on your reply, more gratifying and fulfilling than yours.

Guy who broke the story posted today that this new league is coming and January 25th was definitely the original announcement date.

What will be interesting to me is the public reaction. Last time around, nobody who was concerned about their own credibility wanted anything to do with the league.

Also, Will the league start this spring? If yes, is it Johnny Manziel's leverage against the Ti-Cats for a better deal?

Will partisan politics be their niche? Some people think so, yet Vince McMahon tries to distance WWE from Donald Trump for fear of alienating half their audience.

Most likely 2019.

3 months is not enough time to form a league for Spring 2018.

I am waiting with bated breath.
Especially to see that wonderful race from each teams player at the opposite goal line to centre field to see who gets the ball first?
Like Borat so eloquently said NOT.

So if you are not interested , why comment ?

It's a very long off season with no real football to watch until the camps open up.

As long as McMahon is involved, it will be a circus... how many leagues have come and gone over they years, the USFL, XFL, WLAF, NFL Europe... all failed. Why add another to the list?

Keep trying .

Because at some point something will work and be successful.

Yes, its called the CFL!!!

Some say the USFL when it was a Spring league was on the verge of breaking out .
When it went to a fall schedule the bottom fell out .

The USFL was the only real threat to the CFL . The USFL's talent was getting equal to the NFL in the end .

Not sure what people have in mind for a new league but you cannot ignore New York , Chicago , California and it's influence in any TV deals . Just like Toronto is to the CFL a New York is required to take your US Spring league seriously .

When the CFL expanded it was doomed because of the minor league cities involved at the time and the shallow pockets by it's expansion owners .

Not sure if there is a saturation point for North American football but it must be close to it .

Other than obvious sarcasm, not sure what your point is.

Unless of course you are serious and believe the CFL is a new start up league.

With all the US colleges and NFL / CFL cuts, I am not sure there is a saturation point.

Saturation in terms of interest . There is a huge talent pool . A Spring League with Billionaire owners would take awhile but I am sure a TV deal would follow the money .
The XFL and NBC playing in prime time Saturday was a mistake. If they kept it to afternoon games for TV they had a product worthy of the time slot .

Will apply to McMahon to this and to any of the previous leagues.
The definition of insanity/stupidity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

What I meant was at some point they will figure out the right way to do it.

USFL - Let the pied piper decide to move to the fall and launch a $1 lawsuit.

WLAF - Lost millions due to Europe costs.

XFL - Good quality football but used WWE marketing people to ruin it.

UFL - Could have been a success if they were not in the fall.

MLFB - Could have worked but financing fell through 3 times.

A spring league could work as long as the organization running it starts off with a smart plan.
Not a stupid one.

Question Brihind88.

You have stated you do not ever want US teams in the CFL.

I agree with you BTW.

Yet you mention how much you liked the UFL.

When the UFL was in stride, would you have been ok with a CFL - UFL merger to save the teams ?


PWInsider is reporting that the XFLwill not start play until 2020.