MLFB and XFL 2.0

MLFB was supposed to launch a spring league in 2016. Never happened. Earlier this year, Jerry Craig and his company Compass Creek Capital signed to invest $3 million into MLFB but then backed out. Now, Craig is going to start a new league called Professional Football League (PFL) in Spring 2018. A few of the coaches who were part of MLFB are now with the PFL.

Crazy rumor from today states that Vince McMahon is looking into reviving the XFL and may announce it January 25, 2018. Evidently McMahon is funding the venture himself as the company behind this would be Alpha Entertainment and not the WWE.

CBS sports also reporting the XFL as possibly returning:


I hope one of them can get something going.

I have no interest and take pride in my ignore the NFL.

However, I love the alternate US leagues.

I mean actual football. Not that water down crap they jam into hockey arenas.

USFL, I still miss and spend hours watching old games on youtube.

I liked the old XFL , but was not crazy over some names. Maniax - Hitmen. Yuck.

I went to Vegas for 4 Locos games in the UFL .

I thought they would do better in the spring.

So, yes I want some US spring football.

I think they are just trying to capitalize on the current discontent against the NFL. Eventually that will pass, and so will this league.

That would be to bad.

That that kind of time and hope would be wasted.

There are a lot of good quality players that need work.

Either do not make the limited spots in the NFL or cut from the CFL because of the ratio rule.

If either of these mentioned do not work out, perhaps by 2018 a group could work on something.

A group, I mean 3 city fan bases that have lost teams.

St. Louis
San Diego

then find 3 - 5 others who join.

Salt Lake

Just as examples.

I think we may soon hear that Vince McMahon is suffering from CTE. Or maybe he's making so much money or going thru a divorce - that he needs some losses to report.

Agree, not a banner year for the NFL.

Unfortunately, the track record for start up leagues is not very good. I hope it is different this time around. Personally, I will have a hard time taking it seriously if it is run by the WWE.

Summarized from the Wrestling Observer:

Vince McMahon sold 3.34 million WWE shares for about $95 million. So, it looks more like McMahon wants to start a new football league. The name will not be the XFL as the WWE (not Alpha) owns the rights to that name. More likely, the league will be called UrFL, URFL, or UFL which has been trademarked recently.

There is some talk that the league being arena-based, but indoor football generates little in the way of national attention.

Back when the XFL began, McMahon was seen as someone who could appeal to the younger demographic. Today, that is no longer the case. XFL ratings received an initial bump because fans were curious how WWE-type storylines would work in football. That gimmick is now gone.

McMahon blamed the NFL and the bad press from large markets for the failure of the XFL. Both he and NBC lost around $138 million.

What it comes down to will be whether or not this new football can get generate any money by way of broadcast rights. That means it makes no financial sense for a new football league to air on the WWE Network. Will anybody pay a significant amount of money to acquire the rights of an unseen product whose owner produced one of the most infamous sports failures ever?

Well said. Why would anyone risk millions on a venture with no real track record? Wouldn't it make more sense to expand the current professional leagues? One league has 32 teams and one has 9 teams. Why not expand the one that has 9 teams?

That is the plan, for the CFL to go to 10.

Big push for Halifax 2020.

Stadium , finances and politics.

Time will tell.

It would be interesting if Vince bought into the CFL in order to expand it to the States (again).

I could see that maybe working, the CFL would need a name like McMahon to make an American push, and Vince probably needs a league with credibility to be taken seriously.

I do admire it though, I wish someone would start up a rival league to the NHL. You could have teams in actual hockey markets. And it could work, don't have a salary cap and you can probably lure the stars over, the, the fans would follow and it's bye bye Bettman and the NHL!


there are 2 things I wish and hope.

1 - CFL NEVER expands to the US EVER again. I am sure we have we have that locked.

2 - Somehow someway a new US Spring league forms.

I have heard all the negatives , excuses and reasons for failure.
There is a way to make it happen, it just needs to be found.

Timing - opportunity - finances and promotion.
There is a need for it from both a player stand point and fan base.
I am on fan sites dedicated to the WFL USFL and XFL.
Many fans do crave for it.

With what has taken place in St. Louis, San Diego , Oakland and empty stadiums all over the US, I can not help but think and hope , that is is close.

Interesting point. I can't wait for January 25th or whenever McMahon is supposed to make an announcement. Ambrosie mentioned getting to 12 teams when he was talking about expansion.

The graveyard has been littered with failed US based football leagues over the decades and if this or any other nonsensical attempt gets off the ground it will only add to the RIP scenario.

No hockey league could ever sign stars away from rh NHL.
The WHA did so (briefly) but that was a different time.

No chance of that happening today

The elimination of the reserve clause in the 70s and resulting free agency pretty well destroyed the long-term existence of any rival leagues. Even if you find some quality talent to start a league with, good luck on keeping it for more than two years.

Ok, so I was thinking about this. According to Wikipedia, back in 2001, the initial investment was $100 million in the XFL. Fast forward to now, the reports are that McMahon sold the equivalent of $100 million in WWE stock to form his new venture. If it cost $100M in 2001 to start up a league, it would certainly cost a lot more than that now. Maybe he isn't going to start up a new league and $100M isn't nearly enough to buy the Carolina Panthers. So what is he up to then? Maybe buying into a different league?

Just 1 week away from a potential Vince McMahon announcement. ( Jan 25 projection ).

He has registered the names UFL and URFL through his company Alpha Ent.

If a new spring league pops, I will be amped and stoked.

I will be all over this left, right, up and down.

If it happens, do not be surprised to see San Diego and St.Louis in.

It would be good marketing to a fan base with lost teams.

" that other league abandoned you, and we are here for you to stay ".

There are many markets in the US that would love pro football and many players who need the opportunity.

Win win.

And like I did with the UFL and the LV Locos, I will have passport in hand and off to the closest stadium.

Portland or Salt Lake would be nice.