MLF will be new name of merged league - source

Been told XFL execs have tied their future business dealings with the CFL with the name Major League Football -

I have no inside source if its been trademarked or what the league will detail but I have been informed that MLF will be the umbrella of what the CFL will be part of.

I can guess possibly the CFL will remain as a league similar to XFL or a Mexican or German league and play under the umbrella of MLF...... that is my guess.

Did Redbird buy out Major league football ?

In January 2020,CEO Frank Murtha stated that the MLFB is "a developmental showcase league, with games in May and June in six midsize cities - Little Rock, Arkansas; Norfolk, Virginia; Canton, Ohio; and so on - that aren't served by the NFL or, for that matter, Major League Baseball" and said that the annual operating budget will be in the "ballpark of $30 million" as a single entity. The centralized all-players training camp was stated to be scheduled for April in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, where the league is headquartered.[25] These tryouts did not take place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and MLFB then announced plans for tryouts and camps in Lakewood Ranch for December 2020 through March 2021 for a 2021 season.[26] However, these tryouts also did not take place and the league again postponed its demonstration season until summer of 2021


Okay, I'll bite.

"Been told XFL execs have tied their future business dealings with the CFL with the name Major League Football."

So who told you?

"I have been informed that MLF will be the umbrella of what the CFL will be a part of"

Who informed you?

I have a feeling that DomerReporter is a former banned poster. . .

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...there is zero possible chance this thing is going to be called MiLF...


Who told me?

a CFL exec. XFL brand might not be possible for them to use. Spoke with someone involved with the XFL and they likely will change name w/ CFL once signed.

Been also told that talks are so far ahead that we could have a major announcement a few weeks into the CFL season.


Name your alleged source.

I don't believe you; not a word of it.

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how come you know about MiLF ?

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Too late! As noted in the other thread by Lucas, the jokes have already started! :rofl:

And the demographic who became familiar with the term en masse circa 2008 is captured by the brand already bwah ha ha!

Hey, shoot me later, I'm just trying hard to find silver linings in this malaise of no CFL for going on 2 seasons now!

I'm not sure who does not know? :rofl: It was the peak genre from about 2008 through 2014 I am told.

I was just going to say that


Why do people always fall for this guy's BS attention seeking posts?

Is this perhaps that guy from a few weeks ago whose last screen name begins with a "B"? @sully

I'd go with XCFSOL

Meaning eX Canadian Football Sell-Out League

The SOL part would be appropro for Canadian football talent getting a shot to play in their own country. ;o)


I recalled something like that. Through I wish sometimes threads like these get locked instead of deleted.

If it's accurate then the truth will come out and we can reference it either way.

I recalled during one if his last threads me mentioned the league will definitely start in late August/early September and they have financial backers. This was weeks before the CFL-XFL talks were announced and it came out of nowhere so who knows.

For the record, I'm not a fan of MLF as the name. It's already in use though they've been trying to launch for years.

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I was gonna do a Milf joke but I see that many have had the same idea already...Terrible name if it's true!

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Problem is that after countless years with this guy....nothing, not one thread has turned out to be true...

The guy gets his jollies from this and people fall for it every time

The first and only clue you need is that these breaking news threads, are always someone's first post


Yes, and the opening words. . "Been told that. . . " is a giveaway as well.

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And is it just me or
if one of the members who has been here for 15 years or so were to post the same thing....other members would be demanding a link or some kind of proof

Yet when its the first post, everyone is Really? WOW, you must be real important to know that! I am so impressed!!!!!

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Well, at least he answered, in a fashion. We've got members here who either routinely ignore requests for links, or respond with insults (green vs. everyman being the latest example).

Well, it might draw a few extra fans for the first Weekend of games. Until they figure out what they actually paid to see.

Maybe Stormy Daniels could be league commissioner?