MLB Robert McCune out of the EDF for Toronto

He will be out with a shoulder injury. Run, CJ, run! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


He ain't hurt........


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Drew Edwards @scratchingpost
RT @TSNScianitti: Jalil Carter, who has been starting at DB for the #Argos most of the season is out too, replaced Neiko Thorpe #Ticats

Alright, now that's not fair. Players suffering injuries before a major game like this is one of the most unfortunate things for both sides of the game.


did I miss putting the tongue in cheek emoticon in my post?

Hammer, don't read into it, injuries are part of the game, the Ticats have had their fare share of injuries this year,

It is going to be more about the cats defense. Beware of too many blitzes cause Rae will pick you apart if the coverages are not tight.

Drew Edwards preview the East Final
A couple of quick notes, some of which we also address in the video preview:

• Ticats middle linebacker Robert McCune is out for Sunday and that's a big blow to the Argos. McCune was second in the CFL in tackles and as the MLB would have been responsible for making the calls on defence. The player replacing McCune, Shane Horton (and yes, I did call him Nathan Horton in the video because I'm an idiot) plays at about 215 pounds (as opposed to McCune's listed weight of 235, which i think is more like 245.) Horton also has limited experience as a middle linebacker in the CFL, having played mostly wide side rush end this season.

• for the Ticats, DB Dee Webb and OT Marc Dile come on the roster while WR Simon Charbonneau-Campeau and LB Erik Harris come off.

Drew is wrong on this point. McCune will indeed be missed, but he is not responsible for making defensive calls. Those calls are made from the sideline. All 12 players on defence look to the sideline to get the call from Chis Jones and another coach or player standing beside him. (It's one of the things that drives me a bit nuts about the way coaching has taken over the game in recent years.)

Not sure why that would "drive you nuts". Coaches, more than players, spend countless hours studying opponents' strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, player personnel etc. in various game situations. They have the advantage of constant communication during the game with other coaches on the sidelines and above the field and they can see the "bigger picture".
The coaches' job is to game plan, strategize, adjust, determine player alignments, personnel groupings etc. during the game. The players' job is to execute.

It drives me nuts because football has become less and less about players making decisions on the fly, and more and more about players doing what they are told. There's little room for improvisation. I think football was more entertaining, or at least more unpredictable, when there were fewer position coaches and less specialization. It's not just football -- hockey has also become overcoached, IMO.

I'm afraid that I'm with PW. You see, it used to be that the coach's job was to PREPARE the team as well as make personnel adjustments. Key players made a great many of the important on-field decisions. Pro sports have changed over the years. This is one aspect that I miss.

I found it interesting that this Toronto team had a week on the last game of the season and then the bye week to rest their starters, while Hamilton played on. Then, suddenly, during this period of rest, the blue team comes up with these injuries.

How come??????