MLB , MLS, NHL, NBA, NFL all coming back

What about the CFL ? Why are they lagging behind with no plan or official go ahead like all the other leagues mentioned ?

Supposedly all coming back, will believe it when I see it.

Did you see the results from a invitational tennis tournament recently. Disaster.

ger, can you confirm the start dates for the leagues you mention?



I think they are all going to regret it.

I like that CFL is being extra cautious

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It’s better to be cautious than to make a decision that could be even worse especially with a possible second wave predicted in the fall.

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From what I am reading, a lot of US states may be taking themselves out of contention as a “hub” due to spiking cases. Apparently lots of fans are not, or would not be concerned about risking infection, but what about the players? I’m not booking any time in Florida, Texas, or California.

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MLB …JULY 23, 2020…60 game season

NHL .Start Phase 3 Training Camps July 10. Once Hub cities are chosen in the next few days, then they can announce the date of the first round of play which will be late July. Once the first round of play is complete then they can start the official playoffs likely in mid August.
European NHL’ers are flying over to North America as I speak in chartered flights from Sweden , Finland etc.

NBA - all games in Orlando ( Disneyworld) Condensed regular season starts July 30th, Playoffs start Aug 17th.

MLS ( Orlando as well ) Group Stage July 8th, Round of 16 team July 25-28

NFL - As originally planned September 8th Start Date.

All the leagues are having their players report to training camps then Hub cities except the NFL as it starts later in September

The CFL has done next to nothing despite Canada agreeing to allow athletes to cross the border and waive the 2 week isolation period providing they are in a hub city apart from the public.
The CFL isn’t even close to allowing training camps and giving the green light for players to report to their teams.
They also have not come close to choosing Hub cities…
American CFL players are getting restless with the lack of progress. Some of them , like unsigned free agents might just retire like CJ Gable, Luke Tasker, Emanuel Arceneaux, Calvin Mccarty, Chris Randle, Jonathon Rose, Davon Coleman, Chris Mathews, Shawn Lemon, Odel Wilis Derek Dennis, David Foucault, Travis Bond, Cory Greenwood, Cory Watson, Marcus Ball, Johnny Adams, Cam Marshall, Jeremiah Johnson and Derel Walker will be lucky to get half of his $250 K salary demand.

The CFL need someone to step up and grab the bull by the horns and make some decisions and plans and set dates and let the American players know they have a safe hub city and 8 game season plus playoffs to come to.

Yes all the leagues that can survive on TV money are making plans. Without bums n the seats the CFL won't play. If you can tell them when they will be allowed to have fans in the stadiums then they will know when to start. None of the teams can afford to play without fans. Except maybe Toronto, they play without fans all the time. Every time the CFL makes an announcement the term "Financially Viable" is included in the discussion. I think this is the biggest stumbling block for a CFL season.


There should be no hub cities.

There should be no playing without fans.

They could try to do either one, but it would be sure to fail.

Everyone wants to go go go.

Unlike all over the states, I hope cooler heads prevail here.


My guess is that RA is waiting for

  1. To see if the feds will finally cough up some money to make playing without fans possible
  2. To see what sites the NHL takes for hub cities so he can target other markets

The first part highly unlikely as there is zero appetite for helping sports.

As for the second part there might be some kind of an update in the coming days.

Do you not follow any of the news coming out of the US? COVID-19 is still out of control and more so in fully 1/2 of the states. It’s is a scientific fact that the only way to protect ourselves is when a vaccine is approved. Right now it is social distancing and EVERYONE wearing masks. How is that even possible in football? How is that possible for fans in the stands? All these leagues talking about opening up are now reporting COVID-19 cases almost daily. I love the CFL but I love being alive a lot more. I don’t think your criticism is warranted. Bitch about the lack of planning with the CFL after the other richer leagues actually pull it off without a hitch.


I’m not sure I’m catching your point. Could you please add more CFL players to your list? Perhaps if I can see more names I will understand.



That’s the Canadian way!

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In addition to the fact that several leagues have TV deals capable of covering all or most of “no fans” losses …

Closest to firm … but will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks as certain areas of the US spike cases … Florida is having a spike … can TCs be held or games be played there

Those are the plans … but there is still no agreement with NHLPA on Stage 3 (training camp) or Pahse 4 (games)

NBA can afford (thanks to TV deal) to operate a bubble in Orlando

Not playing their season, just a tournament … plans to finish season in fall … same issues about Florida spikes

Has the most time to wait and see where things stand before finalizing plans … everyone else wants to get underway and much of their play completed b before the TV juggernaut starts … player costs are more than covered by TV deals so can easily weather no-fans …

CFL situation is VERY different from the other leagues … understandable (IMO) that it is taking longer … league can’t even meaningfully talk to CFLPA until they have their “stuff” together internally … seems that is not yet the case … CFL’s fault, but not Ambrosie … he is an employee, not a dictator

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I think the CFL needs to have an 8 game season in hub cities like Winnipeg and Sask where Covid is very low.
By the time the playoffs start we may be able to have fans in their home cities.
Having no Year and Grey Cup will cause panic amongst the players and create disasters for contracts and fans will be disgruntled.
At least TSN will provide some money for half a season and playoffs…
Why not do pay per view .
Last night , Argo receiver Davarious Daniels gave Randy Ambrosie a July 3 ultimatum. The word is in a week or two if there is no progress then there will be a mass exodus if American players.
The CFL cannot afford this to happen .
The league will look more Mickey Mouse than ever and will lose a lit of fans and quality players and coaching.
I see no reason why we can’t play an 8 game season in September in WPG and SASK as hub cities with very little Covid19 cases.
Randy can’t wait for the Federal Government’s financial help.
He needs to secure 2 hub cities and a start date with practices starting asap

The real elephant in the room is that any professional league is taking a huge gamble by even considering a 2020 season. CFL, NFL, NBA and to a lesser extent MLB all require players to either contact one another, or be in very close proximity. This is the definition of a "congregate event". All it takes is one missed COVID-19 positive player to infect a large swath of other players. How do you have a season if you are constantly threatened that at any time entire teams may not be able to play future games due to a large number of COVID-19 positive players after such a mass infection? Even considering a season under such circumstances is a looney tunes idea. IMHO. Think with your brains team owners, not with your heart. You'll be much happier in the long run. :+1: :mask:

I think that a requirement would be a greatly expanded “taxi squad” for each team held in Quatantine. This way, any players that test positive can be “replaced” by a player that is already in isolation, and not have to wait 14-days for a substitute. With the way COVID spreads, I think this is a solution that all leagues should investigate - it will “only” cost money…

Thank the Lord your not in charge…the league would fold for sure. Have you not seen how quickly things have gotten out of hand in the US?

IMHO…there will be no CFL season in 202. The league cannot, without question, afford any culpability in even a one case spread. The new CDC statement says for every one positive COVID-19 case, there are 10 undetected. In fact, there was one church in California who ignored guidelines where one positive parishioner cause 40 others to be tested positive.

I think you need to give it a rest and let the health experts determine if an how and sport can continue. No fans in the seats…no games. It’s called the CFL ECONOMIC reality.

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I’m thinking that the league which will look the most “Mickey Mouse” is the one that plans to play the rest of its games at Disney World.

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