MLB lockout works for me

sheesh, how many billions do the players need?

“This drastic and unnecessary measure will not affect the players’ resolve to reach a fair contract,"

MLB owners lock out players, 1st work stoppage since 1995 (

I say, may this last a record length of time.


I find! this ironic that the NHL lost a full season because they didn't want a salary cap, instead have a free market system.

Baseball has had a free market system and more and more owners are taking advantage of it by having small payrolls and revenue sharing (which keeps teams healthy and no jobs at risk).

Simplist solution IMO is to create a spending floor but that won't happen without a cap. Something the players won't go for.

Why don't you just admit that you don't like baseball so you don't want anyone to be able to watch it?

actually, it is just the existence of a team in Toronto I dont like.

But I also dont like rich players making demands for more

Why do you have a problem with a team in a city 3000 miles away?
And, if someone were to tell you they have a problem with the CFL, you would have a few words to say

And these demands are what?

it is the old story of fans and media paying more attention to blue jays and raptors and less to argos.

I dont know the particulars of what they want, but clearly they want more than what they already have.

So it goes back to you don't like it so no-one should have it!
No disrespect here but who are you to tell people what they
should like?
Think about that for a second!
Hundreds of people should lose their jobs because YOU don't like baseball
And it not like your team is overflowing with attendance

Although in Canada the Blue Jays and MLB are very popular with younger fans, in the US where the rest of MLB lives and what matters most of course with the US fanbase as Canada isn't driving much at all with baseball fanship overall in NA since most US cities maybe all of them couldn't care less what happens in Toronto or Canada really, there may be a problem and MLB should be careful:

"With the clock ticking on the current collective-bargaining agreement between baseball ownership and the Players Association, and a possible lockout looming December 1, it’s possible another work stoppage could torpedo a sport that has already struggled in recent years to appeal to younger fans, whose interest has shifted to the NFL and NBA."

thats not it.

It really bummed me back in the 80s when the media was dumping on the CFL to the point where I thought they were hurting the league. At the same time they were falling all over themselves over the Expos and Blue Jays. I resented that and from then on wanted those teams/league out of Canada. Nothing to do with telling other people what they should like. I like baseball. I loved playing it. It is a little boring for me to watch, but I still like it. Rightly or wrongly I felt that both the MLB and NBA being in Canada was bad for the CFL. That is my motivation.

ON this specific topic, I really dont like how overpayed so many professional athletes are. The thought of these already very well paid players demanding more rankles me. I am always on the side of management in this.

So that makes wishing a team if not an entire league to fail makes it right?

Maybe it is, but blame the CFL for not living up to the competition!
Yet you like the NFL! They have done just as much indirect damage, I don't see you wishing them out of business

I dont want them in Toronto.

as for wishing a team out of business, didnt say it was right. However, the team could just move elsewhere, in the states, and that would be fine with me

it is all about CFL and Canada to me. I do not wish the NBA or the MLB to not exist elsewhere.

And that takes us right back to...YOU dont like them so millions of people in Toronto should not have them
What you want is more important than what millions do want.......3000 miles away

How many of those people support the argos/cfl? I dont really care about the sport entertainment wants of those who do not. Not a matter of importance, just personal preference and feelings.

FYB, I'm with you mostly. Couldn't care less about the Blue Jays; haven't really done a thing in nearly 30 years. Wouldn't bother me at all if they relocated to US. America's pass time should be kept in America)
....and I don't really see millions of followers as their games are not well attended compared to Raptors/Leafs or even TFC.

(But I'm sure those fools at sportsnet & 590 will continue to fill the air waves with completely useless information with respect to baseball)

Uh...The owners locked the players out. The players did not go on strike...

Perhaps a distinction without a difference, however, when management locks its workers out it's usually because it wants to face a decision that favours them, not because of "greedy workers"...

Those blaming "greedy players" should look at all the Free Agents signed in the last week to exorbitant contracts. Ownership seems to have no problem forking over the money then claiming "poverty" in the same breath...

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It would not bother me either,
I have no use for hockey or soccer either, the difference is that I dont wish them to fail!
I just ignore them

Why not?
If workers tell management that they want a 25% raise, management can lock them out........because of greedy workers

Personal contracts and CBA are 2 different things

So then....
You don't have to support what they like, they have to support what you like and if they don't they no-one should have it!

Vancouver has a soccer team, they take support away from the lions...I have never seen you wish them gone!

How about the NFL? They take support away, why have you never wished them gone? Must be because you like them as well

I mostly ignore baseball as well as there are plenty of other things to take up my time.
I used to be a huge Fan590 listener years back when they talked about a variety of sports....especially at 6pm with McCowan all they talk about is baseball and leafs (both highly annoying); TSN radio is ok but not as I end up listening to GR55 Buffalo (at least it's mostly football...can't find CFL talk show anywhere)

Thanks for the update, chief...Of course, the players aren't asking for a 25% raises, nice straw man...

Re."Personal contracts and CBA are two different things"...Perhaps the pro-management types here should understand that difference when they claim it's "greedy payers" who are the cause of this???