MLB Bear Woods cut by Arrrghblows

An injury waiting to happen

NOTE: They still haven’t signed their early 3rd round draft pick NAT QB Michael O’Conner. 8)

I like him better than Elimimian.

32 years old, played 4 games last season. Sure on a cheap deal I would take him to see if there is any gas left in the tank for a season.

Why not for a cheaper price tag and a bonus per game play based on how many games he plays type deal…I would let him compete with Justin Tuggle for the middle linebacker position. If he has lost the gas,then release him but he might be a good addition If he has some energy left.

Please, please Hamilton football ops…don’t bring Bear Woods to Hamilton. I don’t want to see a linebacker that makes his tackles 20 yards or more downfield!!!

TOR chops 10 year veteran OL Chris Van Zeyl .

Ticats may consider bringing in Van Zeyl if the price is reasonable as he would replace Rycker at RT and he is a national and would be a great ratio buster amd rookie Gibbon could be his backup and possible replacement in a year or two.
With 2 ex argos in Jim Barmer and Condell , tbey would know him quite well and if he still can perform at a high level.

I wonder why the Argos let him go ? Salary ? Better import option in Campbell. ? Injury ? Age ?

I also think that Condell and Barker will scnatch up Wilder when he gets cut from the Argos as they can’t keep Sutton and Wilder as they will want to keep young budding star Burks and vet return man in Rainey.

Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut . ::slight_smile: Van Zeyl doesn’t exactly fit the “new and shiny” recruiting method usually used by Gerbear . I guess we’re all evolving . ;D

Pat Lynch (older than dirt)

I admit I was wrong. I still think it’s nutty to spend anything close to what he was paid in TO.

Until we know the details, we will have to continually speculate…

If only The Spectator had a Ti-Cats beat reporter…

And the Banks shoulder plate story…and Jones talking to XFL…

Had the Manziel file covered like a blanket though…

Well Well Well I was bang on with Van Zeyl. I accept all your apologies. All I ask in return in that you quit calling me that baby food name Gerber.
I would imagine the Ticats would be paying around 180-200 k for his services.
He not only fills in a huge hole at right tackle that was left by Ryker Mathews but he also brings a great deal of experience ,size , he went to Mac lives near Hamilton, and he can allow our prized rookie Gibbon to play behind him and learn from him to eventually replace him. Van Zeyl is also a national and ratio buster allowing us the luxury to play another import elsewhere like all import receivers ir 2 import DE’s for example. Overall, the move makes a great deal of sense

I have a few more predictions for you :
Since Condell is now the OC, I would not be surprised to see him wanting to bring in a few receivers that he has worked in the past like free agents Chris Williams, Terrence Tolliver, Bkari Grant or even Chad Owens or by the off chance Weslon Dressler.

  1. I think they will renegotiate Westerman’s contract or cut him. He was on the sidelines alot today with Tracy getting first team reps. An indication that they are leaning towards using two import DE’s.

  2. I think that 12th overall draft pick WR David Ungerer will make the team based on his speed, good hands, great stats and great film and looked like a good fast import out there today. They could trade Mike Jones and shed his higher salary.

  3. Receivers Marcus Tucker, Jaelon Acklin, and Justin Thomas will make the team with one being on the reserve list. I would have said Dontre Wilson but we cut him …Doh !
    I hope the Argos don’t pickup Wilson. I actually hope they come to their senses and bring him back. If you get a chance watch Dontre Wilson Ohio State highlights on youtube.

5 The converting Jackson Bennett from DB to RB will be over soon as we will most likely sign either Terrel Sutton or James Wilder from the Argos as they won’t keep them both. I think the thought of going with a national RB likely will get scrapped with the arrival of Van Zeyl.

6 Dylan Wynn is going to improve our dline immensely and will be an eastern all-star at DT. The man is huge, musular , won rookie of the year 2 years ago and he has an active motor never taking a down off. A massive improvement over Neill and Whitlock.

  1. Chris Frey will win the starting mlb spot over Wacha and Tuggle. He will also be the Eastern Division rookie of the year.

  2. Demontre Hurst and Tevin Mitchel will make the team as halfback over RIchard Leonard.

9 J’Gared Davis will lead the Eastern Division in sacks and earn Eastern Division all-star at DE.

  1. 11th overalk pick Nikola Kalinc and his 6 foot 2 246 frame is going to be a great special teams players as well as a siutional FB or TE .

11 Tunde Adeleke will start at safety over Mike Daly

Tolliver is the only one on that list that I would consider inviting back to training camp. And really OskieG, Grant and Owens? You can turn back a clock, but you can’t turn back time.

Hi Palmer,

Yeah Grant and Owens might be pushing it but with the recent nation Van Zeyl signing we could go all import at receiver
and one of Chris Williams, Tolliver, or Dressler might make a fine addition to :

Thomas,Tucker, or Acklin

It’s a shame we cut Jalen Saunders and Dontre Wilson.

I am hoping both will be back at some point. I know Masoli and Banks were not happy to see Saunders cut as it wasn’t costing us anything while he is i njured and he became a top flight cfl receiver.

Don’t read to much into the first day of training camp. They are called camp battles for a reason and the preseason games will carry more weight than practice. Plus seven Canadian starters is the minimum, there is no maximum. The Ti-Cats could very well start eight or even nine Canadians.

Chris Williams hasn’t been signed by ANYONE because he’ll likely to miss at least half the season and who knows whether he’ll be in top form if he does get back on the field when healthy. He didn’t look top notch when he came off his last major injury in BC a couple of years ago. He was looking good early last year before being injured again.
As for Saunders - much the same can be said- he wasn’t going to be back on the field until at least Labour Day and might not be in top notch form if he did get back on the field. Even if his salary isnt going against the cap, he still has to be paid. And he would have been taking a roster spot that the coaches obviously wanted to give to one of the many other receivers who’ve been added. It’s unfortunate for Saunders and there’s no doubt that he was EXCELLENT when he was in top form but that might not have happened at all this year. Guess we won’t know for sure until late in the season if some other team picks him up and he burns us. And then it’s always possible that the Ticats could bring him back if they run into a slew of receiver injuries like they did last season.
Just my 2 cents worth. :slight_smile:

Hi Crazy Canuck,

I agree not much can be judged after the first day of training camp. My assessment is based on the players university career ,professional experience like time with cfl anf nfl teams, their scouting report, their highlight film and of course how they looked on day1.
Yes Day2 some guys will look better and others worse. An example would be the mlb competition. Wacha has an advantage being with the cats last year as a backup, Tuggle has CFL experience with the Argos and did well and he has played in 22 NFL games which likely makes him the favorite, while Chris Frey was a captain and big star with a big school in Michigan State. This competition will likely come down to their performances in the exhibition games and the DC’s and HC’s gut feeling.

Hi TabbieFan,

Yeah injury prone players are risky like Chris Williams but I think we should have held onto Jalen Saunders and brought him back slowly and see if he can get back to the high level he was at when injured.
There will be some more changes with June Jones players moving out and some Condell players will come in like ex Ticats and Argos on offence.
Guys like Chris Williams and James Wilder and Tolliver.

I agree to a point, but I don’t believe that the signing of Van Zyle will affect the other Canadian positions. The Tiger-Cats needed a RT and Van Zyle was out there, the fact that he is Canadian is just a bonus.

I doubt they will go with an all import recieving corps, especially after the season Mike Jones had.

Now I don’t know if the rumor is true but someone said on twitter that Westerman and Tasker have reworked their contracts. Both Westerman and Tracey had a down year, but when you look at their careers as whole, Westerman has been the better pro.

I don’t see the Ti-Cats throwing big money at Wilder or Sutton. STE showed last season that he deserves a chance to start at RB. Irons was a beast in college and will do the same in the pros. It’s great that Bennett is versatile and I hope he gets an actual chance to start at SLB. Especially with Rico Murray not showing up to camp. Who knows maybe Murray got held up at the border.