So Kahlif Mitchell wants to be a Stampeder!

If anyone from the front office reads this forum. I am one season ticket holder who will request a full refund if you hire this goon! His skill as a football player is not the question. His complete lack of remorese for his intentional attempts to injury another player IS the reason I will not accept this player.

I will be wrting a "snail mail" letter to the office to this affect. Would it be great to have another good player on the team... sure. Does he represent the values and ethics that our team represent (that the whole CFL represents for that matter)? HELL NO! Please get this guy out of our league. I'd rather be at the bottom of the standings than have this goof on our team.


I'll be quite interested in reading the response [if any] you receive MrLucky. Perhaps you post the contents when you get an answer.

Y'know, I'm a season ticket holder who would actually like to see Mitchell play for the Stampeders. I think Hufnagel can control a player like Mitchell. My only concern would be a distraction in the locker room.

how so? He really has not controlled any one else.

He couldn't control Anderson or Browner ... Has difficulty with Cornish ...

...ridiculous...your assessment of Hufnagel to manage players is wildly inaccurate....Cornish is not a 'problem' and while you may not like the way Anderson and Browner played against your team they were hardly anything like Mitchell...they were defensive beasts, and your team suffered as a result...sorry

...Browner is the consummate DB, and the Seahawks know it..


If missing 1/4 of Seahawks regular season due to a performance-enhancing drug suspension is part of your definition of consummate then I guess he is.

and Cornish certainly embarrassed his team with his pants antics as did Nik Lewis through his tweets.

I seem to remember the Riders beasting the Stamps out of the playoffs everytime they played each other in those years.

…not in the corners, just up the middle where our safety was asleep

I do stand by my comments but I must apologize for stating them here. I do make it a point to avoid controversy or potential controversy in a rival team room. I do try to respect this. I must have forgotten that I was reading in a team room, thought I was in the league talk. I am sorry. harm. no foul, it was good debate and that is welcome always...the safe haven thing in team's forums is more designed to address just flat out disrespect stuff with no basis of logic...cheers