Mitchell White onboard !

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C'est une excellente nouvelle. White a continué son bon travail en 2015 et je crois qu'il peut encore progresser. Il va devoir améliorer ses plaqués dans les zones courtes, cependant.

Great news! That's a huge step towards stabilizing our secondary.

Certainly happy to see him back. Billy Parker will be back also, hes been in Mtl. doing Als off-season community work. But well need a boundary corner and halfback. Im not a fan of Ellis, dont think he`s progressed.

The only thing that irks me is another 1 year contract. I guess the new CFL reality is having to go through free agent frenzy every off-season.

For White, the one-year contract is probably so he can test NFL waters again next off-season. Hard to hold that against him.

People need to get use to one year contracts. When even players like Dressler are signing these things for nothing, It makes absolutely no sense to sign multi-year deal.

As long as other GMs treat long-term contracts with utter contempt, players aren't going to want to lock themselves in. A guy like Dressler is a perfect example, he signs a four-year deal, his performance is fully up to the terms of the contract, but he gets axed in SSK because the new GM wants to get younger and cheaper. If players are treated like horsemeat, they'll respond in kind.

Im not knocking the players for doing it, its just not good for the overall fan experience and being able to build a relationship with your team.

I agree with you. It's definitely not good for the sport or the fans. This is the situation we're stuck with, a league where a coterie of mob bosses collude to keep players underpaid and dependent on these crappy contracts while teams shell out hundreds of thousands in football ops with no cap and coaches complain if someone actually tries to make them honor their damn contracts.

yes excellent news. good bye bourke and venable. hello hall and chambers.

White is only 25, too. Still very young and DBs have a better shelf life than most football positions. Billy Parker is 35 and still playing.

Unless, ala reportedly Kevin Glenn, the player gets a ton up front so that the savings from cutting them are minimized I don't blame them for going year-to-year.

It appears to be welcome back Venable, Giguere and Stafford -

Als manage to keep all their key players minus Bourke and add Carter, Stafford and Johnson.

Great job by Jim :thup:

Yes, I'd call this free-agency period a success. And even Bourke's departure is a double-edged sword. Yes, it hurts to lose him in a year when our offense will be in transition, but he's no spring chicken (those knees, especially) and we'd have had to groom his replacement within a few years anyway. This gets the process started and continues one of the best things we've had going on our O-line: never having too many guys at the same stage of their career, because that means all those guys decline / leave / retire at the same time. Right now, we have Perrett and LBJ as the grizzled veterans, Blake as the young vet, Matte as the young 'un, and one of White or Ruby as the new kid on the block. Perfect mix of age, youth, and experience.

Maybe the Fou-bird in the mix as well.

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No Fou-bird:

All that does is park him till Marsh. Rivera has a two year investment in Foucault but if Cam "I run away" Newton doesn't want him, I don't see why they would keep him. I think he might shake free before CFL season starts.

My bet i that the Panthers will be signing some NCAA elites in their search for better blocking for their all star QB.