Mitchell shows support for Cortez

....been saying it for years, and years and years.


Corez should try holding a different pen: the one he has been holding in games so far is giving him the wrong plays...

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• The Spec: Do you take responsibility for what’s going on?

• Mitchell: Of course. Everybody has to share the responsibility and that starts with me, for sure. The only two groups that aren’t responsible are Bob Young, who gives us every resource possible to be successful — and we have been successful — and the fans, who are spending their good money. The rest of us, including me, are responsible for what’s going on. But, having said that, I am extremely optimistic about the organization. Every team and organization goes through some down times. You don’t panic. You’ve got to put your head down and work harder. We’re extremely well-positioned to be a good franchise for a long time to come as long as we don’t make any silly decisions.

Successful? Really?

Can anyone venture a guess?

is he referring to dollars? Is that how he measures success? I'm at a loss to explain this one.

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Ticat fans clamouring for a radical overhaul of this 3-7 team should be prepare for a little disappointment.

A day after Ticat president Scott Mitchell voiced his unwavering support for head coach George Cortez ... the head coach gave a vote of confidence to both his beleaguered defensive co-ordinator and his starting quarterback.

Same old broken record management and coaches are of the opinion young team , blame it on the players etc what a line of crap :thdn:

"He's a guy that's had great success everywhere he's been - I'm not the least bit concerned about George Cortez"

These are Scott Mitchell's words from the Scratching Post. Where has this guy had "great success"? Has he ever head coached anywhere? I know he worked out west and was on the staff at Buffalo but I don't remember head coaching anywhere. And even co-ordinating on a team, did he have great success there? Can anyone enlighten me on his past successes? Thanks

Sad to say but I have reached the point of indifference. I really don't care anymore. I don't get excited about anything Tiger Cats. I have been a diehard for decades but I have had enough of the excuses, bad management and all the other rhetoric that comes from this organization. :cry:

what he said :cowboy:

Scott Mitchell:

               " long as we don’t make any silly decisions."

     He has to be joking. Where do I start..... <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->  <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->  <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->  <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->  <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->  <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->

I agree its been the same thing year after year. The end of the year we are promised something different and better next year along with an increase in ticket prices. I was given 4 free tickets to this weekends game by a season ticket holder. I can not even find a single friend interested in going. This team is a mess its been 8 years of this minus 1 winning season. It seems every year things continue to get worse. We have had zero continuity in respect to players that at this point I have no emotional attachment to this time. Gone are the years of where fans could feel some attachment to the team. The years of Joe Montford, Danny Mac, Darren Flutie, Troy Davis, Rob Hitchcock, Ozzie, Mike Philbrick, Mike Morreale and Calvin Tiggle etc. The fans over the past 8 years have not had a chance to have a favoritve player or an attachment to this team. We continue to either recycle other teams garbage and cut them next season. Or we sign a big name to only release them next season when a new big name becomes available. This team has been horribly run over the past 8 season. I wonder what success Mitchell refers to. 7 straight bad seasons does not equal a small low point in the teams history. This has to be the longest streak of seasons without a winning season in franchise history.

There's a lot of contempt for Mitchell but it's not like the management isn't TRYING to fix the Cat's losing ways. They're just not going about it very smartly. They go and sign high profile players like Burris and Fantuz but then fail to address the core problems of the team such as D-line, O-line and DBs. Then they sign an older and very experienced coach to lead the team. Great but then they pair him up with a rookie DC who might be younger than some of the players. This creates an imbalance with glaring holes and deficiencies within the team.

A lot of this stuff looks really great for PR and during press interviews. People get way more excited to see Fantuz and Burris as the new faces of the Ti-cats. There's not much glitter when signing a new O-lineman but that is precisely what is needed. Ultimately Obie and Mitchell need the vision to build a COMPLETE team that is competitive in all phases of the games. So far they get a failing grade.

krisiun:...and then there are the ones who got away...and went on to better things. Including coaches. :cry:
I don't have contempt for Mitchell. I just don't think he has done a good job on the field. I've said many times before this team is terrific when it comes to the off-field operations.

A good friend of mine who is thoroughly p----d off with not only the teams' overall performance but also with the apparent lack of concern by management and coaches, left his next two season tickets on his dashboard with the car window open hoping someone would take them. When he came back someone had left two more.

He won four Grey Cups with Calgary (1992, 1998, 2001, 2008). He also helped mentor Aaron Rodgers when Cortez was the OC at Cal.

8) What you said X 2 !!!
  After 50 years of being a diehard fan, I too am becoming disenchanted and losing interest at this point in time !!!

  I'm sick of hearing all the same  lame excuses of why were not winning    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

TiCat management what to give Creehan time to spin his magic on our defense. :wink: :oops:

The belief I have is that good teams win the close games. Bad teams make excuses. We we in those games is just an excuse for not delivering when it was needed.