Mitchell shows support for Cortez

“When people want to talk about coaches, the coach’s job is to put the players in position to win,? Tiger-Cats team president Scott Mitchell said about Saturday’s devastating Canadian Football League loss in Toronto. “And if you look at the films, the players were in a position to win.?

Mitchell disagrees with the argument Cortez has faced a more difficult learning curve than anticipated in his first head-coaching assignment: “I don’t think, on the learning curve, there’s anything he hasn’t overcome. There’s nothing in our performances that indicates anything has surprised George.

In the course of the past 20 seasons, including this one, the Ticats have had eight different head coaches, and seven of them — John Gregory, Don Sutherin, Urban Bowman, Ron Lancaster, Greg Marshall, Charlie Taaffe and now Cortez— have had at least one losing streak of five or more games. The only one who didn’t was Marcel Bellefeuille
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I'll say it again...( said it 5 weeks ago ) Cortez needs to accept some help with the offence. At the same time our "D" cordinator (CREEHAN) needs to accept some help...particularly with the half time adjustments and for "crying out loud" will someone make sure that the "O" (Cortez) and "D" cordinators have their headphones on and listen to the spotters.

When the television and radio comentators have a better feel for what is transpiring and can see what is needed...SOMEBODY ISN'T listening. :roll:

I'm with drumming -god...all we need is to win a couple of games and see Toronto and Montreal drop a couple and we are right back in it. :thup:

Uh Oh, the dreaded Vote of Confidence.

Well, at least its not Winnipeg, or he would be fired by now! :wink: :wink:

Would not want to be a computer programmer, not that I have the smarts to be such a person though, under Bob Young. First mistake or two or someone yelling "fire him", gonzo. :wink:

In spite of the 5 game losing streak, and the most recent atrocious performance, I agree with Scott Mitchell that it's too early to be pressing any panic buttons.

...but, just in case, I think it prudent that he start putting all his ducks in a row in order to prepare for the worst.

If Mitchell's bread happened to buttered in Springfield, he'd advocate Homer "Sampson!!!". (Just sounds cooler the way Jagger pronounced it. lol). Bob's puppet strung along with this whole demolish IWS "fiasco".

8) Unbelievably Mitchell hardly mentions the defence(other than injuries) as being our number one problem !!
  I wonder what he will say when Edmonton thumps us on Sat. and the fans revolt and walk out while boooooing !!!

   Maybe 22,000 tops for Sat game.

    At this point in time, this franchise is in serious trouble, and whether the top brass want to acknowledge that or not
    is up to them !!!   The attendance for the remaining home games will determine this teams future success, and I 
    wouldn't hold my breath on that hope !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Cortez I can have patience for, the offense is still doing well enough.

Creehan on the other hand..

I was thinking we would have poor attendance but this being the last year for IWS, we should get a good turnout. It is always more fun with 25k+

Same mistake as 2004: rookie HC and rookie DC and OC (who is also HC). Results largely the same.

It is George Cortez ' Offence but Doug Sams, whose title is Quarterback Coach

runs the Offence at practice. George keeps an eye on all 3 units, Woody

Casey Creehan spends a lot of time teaching technique to the D-line

maybe because most of them aren't used to playing a yard off the ball

He needs big time help with his DC role, Another problem is

none of his assistants have any CFL experience! That is easy to fix,

bring in Greg Marshall, he lives in Burlington...problem solved... I am just saying. LOL

Would you expect anything different from Mitchell or from anyone within any organization?

Who is going to come out publicly and throw their coach/dc/oc/st/gm etc under the bus?

Like someone said above, the vote of confidence means he's on thin ice and if things don't improve within 2-3 weeks, someone on the staff will be seeing the door.

In that case keep Cortez and show Mitchell the door

Of course firing Cortez now makes a bad statement in regards to Mitchell''s ability to hire coaches, but to be fair, firing coaches mid season has proven to improve nothing.

This has gotta play out, and evolve, change and adapt from within.

after this next loss, bye bye mitchell...

Oh for crying out loud, I'll push it, I'LL PUSH IT.....!

I dont expect Cortez to go anywhere. Creehan, I can see going, but not Cortez, not after all the hype in the offseason, not after all the work it took to get him, definitely not in the first season.

Mitchell can go.. wouldnt be unhappy to see that happen.. but if this team continues to spiral and misses the playoffs, Obie might be at risk as well.. and I cant see BY letting go of both Obie and Mitchell.. leaving Cortez the only football 'mind' remaining to help Young make any future hires at GM and prez.

Alot of blame to pass around here if things dont go right.

A GM who neglected to address secondary problems while continuously stacking the offense, giving us good or great players, with nowhere to play them.

A Prez who it has been said always has his fingerprints on all of the moves made

A coach and DC who cant squeeze .500 football out of a group of guys who should have no problem playing to AT LEAST that level...

The Canadian one or the American one? If it's the American one, he's perhaps one of the best DC's in league. He would get things ship-shape in no time...

Please allow me a moment of a self-satisfied smile... :smiley:

We've heard this song before.

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Of course Mitchell is going to sound supportive. His main job is to ensure that stadium seats get filled. He's not going to truthfully acknowledge that the team is crap. However, if the team continues to slide for the rest of the year then they better change their marketing tactics and focus on people experiencing the STADIUM itself for one last time before it's torn down. The last game will surely be a sellout but it won't be to watch the Ti-cats getting sacks.