Mitchell on with Bob McCown

Mitchell was just on with Bob McCown ofth FAN590 and added the following comments to his earlier session with Mike Hogan this AM:

1 The team's import talent is the worst or near the worst in the league

2 The new GM will have CFL experience in that capacity

3 Rambo is not going to be moved from his current position

4 Taafe's job and that of his assts. would be left up to the new GM

5 Too many of this year's coaching staff lacked CFL experience

6 He believes that in the CFL, teams can be turned around very quickly. He fully expects a playoff spot in 2008

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Thanks for the update. :thup:

Did Scott give any hint that he had a GM in mind and if he had a timeline to hire a new GM?

fully expects a playoff birth in 08......thats really funny. I remember him saying that before this past season. Cant wait to watch next seasons games on tv.

Yes, he said he's been thinking of possible candidates for quite awhile and has someone in mind. Which also means that he's known for awhile that Desjardins was gone. No time frame other than to suggest sooner than later. He said BY was onside with the firing too.

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During the interview, Scott Mitchell also said that Charlie Taaffe and Dan Rambo are the only two football operations people with contracts extending beyond the end of this year and that the new GM will be given full authority to keep them or bring in his own people.

SM never said "expects" As opposed to calling it another "rebuilding year" He said the playoffs is a reasonable goal given the nature of a quick turnaround in the CFL.

He fully expects a playoff spot in 2008
this must be a false quote then???

Wow, no wonder we can't find someone to take the position.

LMAO!! You kill me. I say we should hire you as GM.

LMAO...You made my evening...Thanks :lol:

Shivers is Coming to Hamilton LOL…

Maybe that's what it's come to. :slight_smile:

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By the end of the month or right after the Grey Cup.

Sounds like he's already got someone.

After listening to Mitchell on the FAN, I was glad to hear that someone in this organization is finally admitting that the whole 5 year rebuilding thing is a load of crap. There are many examples of teams in the CFL finishing out of the playoffs one year and coming back to compete for a Grey Cup the next year. Toronto and Hamilton were bankrupt at the same time. Toronto has won a Grey Cup since then. Granted, they started with more talent, but I think the real key is that they have much better and deeper football operations management talent. We have enough Canadian talent to compete effectively in the CFL, we need to secure better import talent. This is an area the last three administrations have failed miserably at.

I always chuckle when I hear organizations talk about 5 year plans and a "policy and procedures manual." In this day and age with a new info gadget coming out almost weekly it seems, I don't know if anyone could plan anything accurately beyond about a couple of months.