Mitchell on Stamps receivers: 'I'm really confident in the guys we have'

CALGARY — Heading into training camp, the Calgary Stampeders receivers room looks a little different than it did two years ago.

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I am glad Bo Levi Mitchell is confident and feels comfortable with the receivers he will have this season. I'm hoping the team can jell early as this shorter season without post season games is going to be tougher if they are not completely ready on day 1 of the reguliar season. The advantage I see is that the Stamps have, over previous years, is that the other teams will not have the tape on the new players and may be taken by surprise by thier performances. And the huge movement around of so many big name Vets to other teams could mean they might not jell as quickly as the younger players and be bogged down with plays they are not familiar with but expected to excell at given their reputations. Guess we will see in Aug how much Rust these vets on other teams have come game time. I have a feeling some of those big name vets are not going to accurately live up to their reps. And fans will be dissappointed.

Calgary offence will operate better then 2019. Never ever count out the stamps