Mitchell got stiffed

No CFL POW award for Kyle Mitchell. He was runner up though, with Jamie Boreham.

It’s because he split his accomplishments in 2 categories really. He had the punt block and TD on special teams and the interception on defense.

Neither one of those by itself was enough to win him the awards.

Like I said in the other thread, he also had a pass knockdown and was pressuring the QB a lot.

If it doesn't show up as a statistic those choosing the award will over look it. Sometimes the better player did not have the better statistics.

The Riders won by 40 tho... I didnt see Winnipeg playing as good as our Riders, even they would admit that.

The teams score should be irrelevant on the individual awards in my opinion, unless it is a game saving play or something of that matter.

Agree, Dust.

Anyways, Mitchell will just work harder and get it this week! :lol: