Mitchell gets 2 games

Mitchell gets a 2 game suspension... we shall see if it holds up after an appeal... my guess is likely not...

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I would hope that Mitchell doesn't appeal, it would be the right thing to do.

As for whether two games is enough, Rottier says he has forgiven and moved on. That's good enough for me.

Great and thanks for posting this.

the goon should be gone from the game

this is bullshit by a gutless ignorant 2 bit commissioner of a 2 bit league

if the the lions let him on the field again, I hope they lose every game, just as I did as per murphy and jimenez.

anything KM said in his defense is 100% lie

Whoa there Billy!

2 games is a good start. Consider that nobody has gotten more than 1 in a LONG LONG time, and most of those were appealed to a fine. I think 2 games, even if appealed, is at worst 1 game. It's probably not what he deserves, but it's a start.

I would refuse to play on the same team as a piece of garbage such as him.

@TSNDaveNaylor: Here's the math: Two CFL games equals 9.1 NHL games. There were ZERO NHL suspensions of 9 games or more this regular season. None. Not one.

@TSNDaveNaylor: In other words, this CFL suspension is harsher than ANYTHING Brendan Shanahan handed out during the NHL regular season.

@TSNDaveNaylor: Getting lots of Tweets about Raffi Torres' suspension. That's playoff when stars get less (Weber) and scrubs get more (Torres).

@TSNDaveNaylor: Torres suspension comes after his salary is paid and NHL intent on keeping him from returning in playofs.

@TSNDaveNaylor: Besides, 1,230 NHL regular season games is a fair sample size. No suspensions longer than Khalif Mitchel's by proportion. Zero. None.

never mind, see next post

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so, what is the cfl equivelant of 30 NHL games. That should be the minimum for Mitchell

which still wouldnt be good enough for me

I do not believe Mitchell is a habitual offender, though admit am not certain, and thus feel that it is appropriate. I hoped for 3, but 2 shows that it is being viewed as an elevated infraction.

You don't ban someone for life on a single infraction, unless it is crazy stupid. This is a fair example. He is now on warning...criminals get a second chance, as does most of the workforce...I view this as a fair punishment to both set example to all, and see if he learns from it. He just lost 1/9th of his salary. I only pray it is not overturned...

of course there are situations where you ban people for life for a single infraction. Most obvious being child molesting.

Its just a matter of where you draw the line.

For me, most criminals should not get a second chance. A totally intoxicated driver, as oppose to one who blows just over, should be banned from ever driving again.

I have never seen a more blatent undefensible attempt to severely injure without the slight provocation by a cfl player during a game. He should be gone. Anything he says in an attempt to make it seem less is an out an out lie. I do not want that type of player in my favorite league, just like I wanted Murphy and JJ gone, and Bertuzzi from the NHL as well.

I'm glad that Rottier's X-rays came back negative; good indication on that front. Mitchell getting 2 games is a start/positive in the order of direction or/for the CFL to move forward.

I wonder if Rottier would be so forgiving if his arm had suffered the most sever injury possible in that situation.

I also wonder if Mitchell has made any attempt to contact Rottier and apologize. Some contrition on his part would go a long ways. If he is still in denial, I would say the penalty isn't near harsh enough.

Very fortunate that the injury was not "MORE" severe is all I can say.

And to make matters worse they interviewed Mike Benevedes on team 1040 this afternoon He says that he sees nothing wrong with what KM did and at that moment they released the news that KM had been suspended for 2 games. Benevedes was not happy and said it wasn't right. what a classless SOB

Criminals are given second chances for a reason...hopes that prison has rehabilitated. Closing you mind to someone with a criminal record only increases the likelyhood of a repeat offense. One only hopes that this will work the same for this offender.

WOW...that is scary. He just advocated players doing this again...discraceful...i ponder if the league should take can get fined for lipping off refs, and we have seen similar actions in other leagues.

I said in another thread that Trestman would announce suspension before the league had the chance to weigh in, but i do not think any coach in the CFL would voice what Mike B just did...for sure not publicly

Wow, just read similar comments from Benevides in the Vancouver Sun. That is very disturbing, that a coach would condone this type of thing.

Yup...i have always been a fan of MB, but just lost a pile of respect.