mitchell denies montreal permission to talk with taafe

I heard Pinball on the FAN590 saying that he thought he had made a decision but has since had second thoughts. His wife Diane is also influencing him but which way is hard to tell. He did say that making a decision was proving to be harder than he thought it would be.

He will let the team know by early next week.

An Argo-Cat fan

Power Trip said

[Then perhaps] Mitchell should be showing himself the door
as he was also a part of this so called "poorly run organization".
I guess it's easier to use your GM as a scape goat, right?
Looks like Mitchell is starting to show his true colors.

Scott Mitchell is the Tiger Cat's President.

His football decisions should begin
and end with hiring his own G.M.

but 5 months before Scott Mitchell was hired,
caretaker bob made marcel G.M. and gave him
final power in all football decisions, PowerTrip.

Scott told Marcel right away we couldn't afford
to sacrifice a season to get to a competitive level

Marcel had already tossed veteran players aside
without letting Charlie, his chosen Head Coach,
evaluate them an without negotiating with them.

The height of arrogance!

Scott had to wait until our record showed
that Marcel was obviously botching the job

to approach bob and ask to be allowed
to get involved in football decisions.

He hired Dan Rambo and stopped
the airlifting of rookie players

which is about all he could.

Well done, Ron.

Mitchell did what had to be done despite the crybabies.

Mike McCarthy

Rita is out. Obie, McCarthy and three "under the radar"

Can you say defamation.

No but I can say defecation and even use it in sentence
but why waste my time? I will just respond with this...B.S. :oops: :smiley:

Is Ct,s $oyalty to the All,s???-if so what dose that say about last season?- Maybe Maas was smiling on the al,s side line for a reason??, will marcel go back as well??wtf

Gotta agree with Powertrip. Everything was fine and dandy until Mitchell came aboard. In all this there is one constant...Ron Lancaster. As for Rambo, I believe Desjardins mentionned on CH that he was hired on his recommendation. By the way, funny we've heard nothing from our ex GM...very interesting. I hope Steve Milton will get the dirt on this whole situation because it's very odd.

Is that you woody?