mitchell denies montreal permission to talk with taafe

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Noteworthy in the article, Mitchell praises Taafe while slamming Desjardins:

"We have four GM candidates, and they all feel Charlie's a good coach that was part of a poorly run organization. There aren't many who would have been up against what Charlie was that would have had better results."

Maybe Taafe ISN'T done in Hamilton after all?

I find this funny considering Montreal NEVER asked for permission to talk to him.

Lots of published articles have stated that Montreal will seriously consider Taafe for their head coaching vacancy if he becomes available. Mitchell is simply making sure the Als know that if they talk to Taafe now, they will be tampering.

Coach Taaffe was overwhelmed by the things that needed doing along with the inexperience of players and coaches on the team.

ticatsackattack : yeah...but read the rest of the sentence after he says Charlie is still our head coach "until we say otherwise".
Thats a big qualifier. Sounds to me like Mitchell is trying to stake out his territory until his own negotiating is over.
Bet it doesn't mean a heck of a lot to Charlie right now who must feel like a stray dog in the pound waiting for someone to adopt him.
However...if these other candidates Mitchell refers to all think Charlie is a keeper, good for Charlie.

Your title is misleading. The story says IF Montreal asked for permission to talk to Taaffe, Mitchell would say no. As another poster said, this would be interesting if they actually HAD asked permission.


It's hard to get a true reading of the situation. It could be that knowing how Mitchell is so positively disposed toward Taafe, that the four prospective GMs are saying what they think Mitchell wants to hear. Whatever their true feelings, I think it's pretty obvious that Taafe is safe for 2008.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think that this would say that the GM isn't really getting full say in the coaching staff. I think Mitchell truly wants Taaffe to stay and I have a feeling he will be implying so to the GM candidates.

Ouch! That was quite a slap at Marcel "that Charlie was a good coach but part of a poorly run organization".
There's a lot of truth to that and Scott was part of it...but sometimes comments like that are better left unsaid in public. :o

Should be interesting to see what happens in Toronto. No idea on whos gonna be coach, GM, or president. Im waiting on the announcement that the owners are going to bolt.

I just wanted to make two points

1.) Mitchell said there are four candidates. O'Billovich, Rita, Taman, and who?

2.) With the Bombers denying Taman permission to talk to us, and the reported falling through with the Cats and Rita - that would seem to make O'Billovich our next GM no? ... or the fourth candidate.

My guess is that the “fourth candidate” is either Jim Barker, Greg Mohns or Don Matthews.

ahh - k thanks.

If you're right I'd like Mohns, wouldn't mind Barker, and would have a hard time with Matthews - I never liked the guy

The owners have been quoted several times that they're in for the long haul. We hope so for the good of the league. But things and circumstances change, one never knows.
Speaking of the management changes, I wouldn't think Dave and Howard wouldn't want to bring in new people as coaches that would change the makeup of the team. This team just needs some tweaking. However, if you can believe some of the stories, Stubler doesn't like Greg Mohns and wants total control of the football side of things if he succeeds Pinball. So where would that leave Adam Rita.
I noticed during Saskatchewan's pre-game warm up this past year in Toronto. Kent Austin and the former Argo assistants were exchanging hugs with Pinball, Dave Cynamon and other Argo coaches. Two guys who didn't get their hugs were, you guessed it, Adam Rita and Greg Mohns. The old "saying actions speak louder then words", comes in to play here IMO. Maybe that explains the rumour of Adam Rita sniffing around the Hamilton job, it could be he is on shaky ground and knows it. It appears it was his decision to can Austin and it didn't go over well with the rest of the coaching staff or the owners.
It also appears Brad Watters has the inside track as President with Pinball having some newly created CEO job. But I think Pinball was the glue that held things together, and with him out of the coaching picture the infighting may well start in earnest.

We should pay Montreal to take Charlie…

Paul Masoti- :cowboy: ????????????

On the Fan 590 this evening, Cynamon said that Rita was going to be their GM in 2008, and in other words, NOT AVAILABLE.
This leads me to believe that, if the rumours are true about Stubler wanting both positions (Coach and GM), someone has to be left out...either Rita, Stubler or Mohns. These names might be part of the 'mysterious 4'.
And where does Pinball fit in?
According to Cynamon, he is giving until the end of the weekend to make up his mind about his future.
Why has it taken so long?
There's more to this than meets the eye...
Any suggestions out there?

Adam Rita has publicly stated
he wants to be an Argo for life

Cynamon's comments show that
Adam has the political capital
to keep his position with the Argos

The Argos better find a way
to sign Stubler as Head Coach

or else some new guy will
be starting from scratch.

We over here in Hamilton
know what that is like.

Heard the interview. Pinball will be president and Stubler HC. They're just waiting for Pinball to make it official. Everyone else is staying. There's no mystery here.

Then perhaps Mitchell should be showing himself the door as he was also a part of this so called "poorly run organization". I guess it's easier to use your GM as a scape goat, right? Looks like Mitchell is starting to show his true colors.