Mitchell back in starting lineup for Ticats on Friday

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will get a much needed boost at the quarterback position when they travel to Ottawa to face the REDBLACKS.

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Another loss for Hamilton

Well this begins again the question of whether Bo still has ‘it’ or not. Unless his stats improve & he wins some games he’ll be dead meat to those rabid Cat fans. I’m surprised he hasn’t hired a bodyguard yet.

Watching from afar seems like someone should have thought about finding some guys who can block🤷‍♂️

Well this should put a wee smile on the Ticats Fan’s faces ! Hope Mitchell is totally and fully recovered so that he can put in a performance those fans deserve and can appreciate. The team has a long climb now! Good luck Bo Levi !


Bo is only as good as the plays the OC selects for him. Hopefully Bo will get to call some of his own plays, based on experience.

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I never bought all the fanfare of Bo Levi Mitchell coming to Hamilton because last season Dane Evans was as good or better than Bo in my observation. My feeling with a shrug of my shoulders was show me the money, the proof before I get excited. :notes:

Hamilton is pretty banged up so I guess they can’t chance Powell as a starter.

Dont want to throw powel to the wolves just yet. Lol , i think he has a future in this league.

IMO, the Hamilton offence has evolved since Bo went on the 6 game.

Prior to his injury Butler was a non factor in their games and they have worked him in. They ran into the first place team in the league last week, with a rookie QB which changed things but I think the same as in Calgary Bo has a valid run option again. Which may go a long way to helping them be better.

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Good news for Cats fans, but only if he plays better than he did in his first 2 games. Ottawa has a good defence, especially their pass rush, so he’ll need some help from his line and receivers if he’s going to pull off a win. My guess is another close game with Ottawa coming out on top.

As a lifelong Cat fan, I am hoping that Mitchell is healthy and can withstand being hit, from time to time. If he can put together a complete game, then the Cats should be able to handle Ottawa easily. Here’s hoping!

Ottawa was vulnerable to the long ball against Calgary and Winnipeg. I’m sure the Ticats saw that and decided that the best option would be to have BLM back there.
But I see that Cariel Brooks and Baltimore are back after injury and will be starting back there replacing the backup guys that were beaten, and on the other side they have Dandridge who is dangerous, so they may not be as vulnerable now. And Santos-Knox is returning and will have something to prove against his former team.

You are right I hope he is good to go. If not he is running out of time.