Mitchell Article Re: Stadium

From the Spec:

I know I along with others are concerned at the lack of seats. I personally believe 30k between the lines is good, and with a good product and proper adjustable pricing (like I think the San Francisco Giants do)it would be successful.

That being said, I am tired of the Ticats never being successful financially. It's depressing to not have sold out games, especially when there are games like the Montreal or Toronto games. If 22.5k allows them to be successful out of the gate like the article suggests (coupled with TV money and hopefully increased concessions) then they will have an excellent excuse to add on end zones, or a second tier or whatever.

I think we can all agree it's going to be good to have this website be once again about strictly football, and not having to worry about the financial well being of the team.

I can only imagine how much weight will be taken off the shoulders of the Caretaker. You can tell the man cares, and probably has put more effort and energy, into this teams then most owners would.

So come 2014 it will be his time to probably truly enjoy ownership and start to make back something on his investment(donation).

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This is a great post. :thup:

(the good news is that in these parts, at least we have time to fuss over stadium debates etc.....unlike our southern neighbours who must be thinking the end of the world is coming with all the horrific weather and flooding :expressionless: )