Mitchell argues with D Edwards via Twitter

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Seems he has pretty low standards in terms of competitiveness.

Mitchell was esentially right. Edwards would have been correct if he said "losing" rather than "competitive".

Competitive teams and winning teams can be two different things.

Maybe but I never have to eat in Westdale ever again unless they come up there with the super duper triple Westdale burger! :lol:

That was a ridiculous fight about semantics, but still it doesn't give me a good feeling when the team president starts a twitter argument with our beat writer, especially one as beloved as Drew (at least I think he is great). As the two said, they often have arguments behind closed doors, they should really keep them behind closed doors.

As of now we are 6-14 in our last 20 games. Who cares if we were competitive 2 years ago, there's only a handful of guys left on the roster from that team. We want a winner in Hamilton, screw being competitive.

@scratchingpost we also had the same coach and GM for 4 years in a row and had two second place finishes and made an east final.

That just makes me mad...why did we blow it all up then :roll:

Aren't you guys fed up with this guy. Is there anyone he hasn't alienated in Hamilton yet ?

"we also had the same coach and GM for 4 years in a row and had two second place finishes and made an east final."

It's as if he's bragging about this.

It makes me angry, since Mitchell has been with the organization we have been by far the most futile team in the league. But it's okay because we had two second place finishes (in a 4 team division!) and are 1-3 in the playoffs.

In a weak east division.

I was gonna say... Bart Andrus Argos, Mike Kelly and Lapolice Bombers :roll:

Bob Young.

(See final post in the locked thread "MR MITCHELL.")

I disagree in an Eight Team League like the CFL, Mr. Mitchell it's absolutely a pathetic performance by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats while every other team accept Winnipeg has won the Grey Cup once or even twice in ten years all the Cats have to show is a couple of playoff game appearances, this is not performance on the field by any means and the Tiger-Cats should be ashamed for giving the Fans an inferior product on the field!! First build a Winner Mr. Young and Mr. Mitchell on the field and a winning team and the rest will follow, BC did it, Calgary did it, Montreal did it why not the Tiger-Cats???

Embarrassing exchange between Drew and Smitch on twitter. Like a couple of grade schoolers. At the end of the day, this organization is playing checkers, when we should be playing chess. Mickey Mouse in my humble opinion.

Carousel of coaches/players, alienation of MAC as temporary home this season, West Harbor stadium location fumble, inability to sell out diminutive Guelph stadium, angering long time season ticket owners, etc…

I will thank Bob Young, forever, for saving our team from extinction, but he needs to right the sinkng ship. We want a WINNER, capable of orchestrating a smash mouth Hamilton Defence we have been accustomed to seeing, and WINNING a Grey Cup.

No one is questioning Scott’s intentions, rather questioning his execution of assembling a Grey Cup worthy team. Period.

Go Cats!