Mitchell and Woods?

In the article about jobs being up for grabs tonight, posted on this site, at the end it mentions players who can "solidify" their positions with a strong performance tonight. It says that Scott Michell and Rashaun Woods are amonth those who can solidify their positions me, that sounds like ordaining them as starters. For those who have been at camp, is this possible?

Woods is as talented of a receiver that there is in the CFL.
No whether that translates to performance we will see.
1st round NFL draft picks do not come to the CFL every day!

^^^^ you mean first round busts. If he was first round material he'd still be down south playing football.[/url]
Not a very flattering article.

The reason I asked in the first place is because I have heard much on the site about Ponder as a receiver, and the only thing i've heard about Woods from posters is that he won't be here long. Then the article says he can solidify his position tonight. Go figure.

I'm guessing Obie is talking about the fact that these are 2 guys who are 'on the bubble' which means they have no shot at making this team unless they have the game of their lives.

I think the job goes to whoever shows they deserve it in the next 2 weeks.
Many players have earned and lost their position based on preseason games.
Just ask Rocky Butler.

Saw Jackson he looked good, he fell thru the cracks at the NFL draft as apparently he played many postions at Ciny (U) that he didn't put the big numbers. He didn't dress tonite , does that mean he a lock or just hurt