Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes..

Do Rob Black and Leif Petterson suck back on the skinny white pipe? It kind of showed it in this game, they made mistakes the entire game. "Crandell.. passes to Colon".. And this one cracked me up, "Jon Ryan's parents back in Regina".. LMAO!! Hello.. you're in Regina, they are probably at the game. Are you in Montreal, Ottawa? Lol.. Also a 1st and 20 play in the first half, deep in Reginas end. Crandell passed to Jason French for about an 8 yard gain. And Rod Black said, "And a first down for Saskatchewan after that pass to Jason French." When it was actually 2nd and 12.

There was so many more, I forgot the rest because there was so many. You could get a bum off the side of the street and he'd do a better job. Rob Black should switch to Blue Jays baseball, CFL is to fast for him.

Makes the silent game on CBC look good!

I agree, he was pretty bad. At the beginning of the game, he said something along the lines of "Here comes the Rider's Kevin Glenn".

And it went down hill after that........

LMAO I agree......I think Rod Black should stick to figure skating........ and there he goes!! Stegall performs a triple Lutz on his way to the endzone!!!

I pointed out so many mistakes. I remember at the beginning he said something about Saskatchewan''s Glenn. Then once on 1st and 20 the Riders picked up 20 yards and he's like "close to a 1st down." Then one time he called Glenn Crandell. Also he mixed up Keith and Holmes a few times and on the replay they showed of Stegall's TD with the ref in the way Petterson got all excited and he's like "wow, amazing" when you couldnt even see if it was a catch or not lol

They were no better in the Montreal Ottawa game.
Montreal got 6 points of their first two posessions and Suiter say Ottawa was lucky that Montreal didnt scrore 14 points or MORE

They only had the ball twice, how many points does he think they can score

Thank god the announcers don't affect the game outcome...

i was laughing all night at the commentating, especially these two...

"i think picking Nealon over Glenn and Burris was the right decision"


"i'm not sure how much more athletic Khari is than Danny Mac"

Or during the sask/montreal game, I think it was lief peterson talking about how the riders never get touchdowns and have to settle for field goals. He said "It's kind of like kissing your sister, sure its good, but it is not the same" I could not believe this, that was unreal.

Okay...I fixed the quote.