Mistakes at key moments (bad luck)

The Argos definitely played well enough to win tonight and probably should have but for that easy INT dropped by Steinauer in the first half and that other potential INT in the 4th quarter that went through the hands of our DBs into Flick's hands for the easy touchdown. Result: A minimum differencial of 14 points.

Besides those two game changing plays, the team played pretty well and I thought we could win. Once Bishop comes back and we straighten out the mistakes we will contend for the Grey Cup.

Fans would be foolish to give up hope on this team!!

They say that every game comes down to about 3 plays. I counted 4 that cost TO the win.
1st Butler badly under-throwing a wide open receiver on the 3 yard line.
2nd Blocked field goal
3rd Levingstone fumble
4th Missed interception by TO on the last Flick touchdown (if he had played Flick, that pass would likely have been IC)

If those 4 palys went the other way TO wins

...and its not close.

if at least 2 of those plays had gone our way it would have been an Argo victory.

shoulda woulda coulda.. like us Ticats fans have heard through our first 5 games.. bottom line.. The blue team gave up a golden opportunity

Like it or not HalfTheDistance, the CFL needs to be successful in Toronto if the league is to be healthy.

As a CFL fan first and foremost (before Argos)...that's what matters.

Let's hope the Argos can win 2 games against the Bombers and Tabbies so the fan interest in renewed before the Labour Day rematch!

What the hell does that mean??...we're supposed to just let the argos win? I was talking about the Argos blowing a chance to move up in points and keep seperation from the Cats.

And i think attendance will be just fine here in Hamilton on Labour Day... the Cats are looking better these days.. tomorrow is a big game to keep the ball rolling until then

The CFL will live and die with the Argos.

So why do CFL refs never give us the benefit of the doubt? What was with those objectionable conduct and unnecessary roughness calls?

LOL live and die with the Argos... did you have too much spirits tonight?

welcome to the CFL reffing, it seems ALL teams have been the recipient of BAD calls this year...get used to... get over it!

All the sponsorship comes from Toronto. All the national media is located in Toronto. Toronto is the biggest and most important market. All the money comes from Toronto.

Get used to it...get over it.

Go Argos and long live the CFL!

LOL Yup.. too much spirits

Wow. All, all, and all???? It's statements like that that give TO its reputation of having a conceited attitude bigger than the city itself ... and that's not a compliment ...

But I do agree that it is important that every team, not just Toronto, survive and thrive as that is good for the league, which has to take precedence over what is good for any one team. Any one team folds again and it is the beginning of the end for the league.

This is why it's important to know your limit...

Wow , talk about conceited and arrogant. The CFL needs ALL 8 teams to be healthy for the league to survive. TIMH, you should come out west and truly see how cherished the game out here is, and you will leave here with a much better attitude than the one you have. Teams in Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton and Calgary all have great support, I really wish some arrogant fans like yourself and some media types get out of their stuffy Toronto offices and come to where football is second only to hockey when it comes to popularity. The Blow Jays and Craptors are only afterthoughts here-- the prairies are the home to the best football fans you will find in this country.

Don't worry Sambo, he is not being serious. NO ONE is that ignorant or that arrogant.... right?

Go Riders!!

The CFL lives and dies in the prairies. Nuff said

Amen brother.

As for most of Toronto folks, well "wah, we too good for the CFL! wah, we want the NFL!"

Brings tears to my eyes when I hear such lamentations.

Nothing wrong with the fans in Hamilton either!!

Nothing wrong with the fans in any city/province.
It is the lack of fans in some places which is the problem....

The Riders, Bombers and Esks are probably the best supported teams in the league. Never argued with that. I have so much respect for the fans out west and everything they do to support their team. I wish every day that Toronto had the same fans.

But there is no disputing that if the league is to continue its growth, it will have to be popular in Toronto. It is paramount that Toronto becomes like the cities out west and supports the CFL. Toronto is the most important market in Canada and that's why we need fans like those out west!