No doubt, Flick doesn’t even enter into the equation. Wayne Smith and a draft choice was bad enough

Thank you. Finally someone who is open to debate, not stubbornly extoling their opinions.

Definitely not a MISTAKE. From the REBUILD Perspective, DJ was NOT in the plans. Plain and simple.

Yes, Dj has skill. However, I HIGHLY Doubt his presence on the field would have TRANSLATED to any W's. A few more Receptions ? A couple more TD's ? Maybe ... but not a DIFFERENCE maker in the W/L column.

As many (should) have noticed by now ... this team has TALENT at ALL postitions ...

I'll be glad when Charlie and the rest of the team get their MOTOR HUMMING ... then we can, ONCE and FOR ALL, forget about the PAST.

This team is YOUNG, and built to PROGRESS TOGETHER. All this talk about VETERAN LEADERSHIP is a bunch of NONSENSE.

With the number of new players, the VETS that many beg to keep around would have LITTLE IMPACT on the NEW KIDS. Leaders must be RE-ESTABLISHED throught this GROWING period. By experiencing the PAIN together, the Next Gen will ESTABLISH the natural PECKING ORDER of their Locker Room.

Yes, DJ is a solid Receiver. No, it was not a MISTAKE to let hiim go.


Taffe and company are on the right track but everthing isn't perfect. Could Flick help this team more than our 4, 5, 6 recievers. I think so. Did we recieve anything in return? Ultimately nothing. Where is the upside?


From everything that I heard Desjardins wanted him to take a very serious cut in salary. There was no talk or offer to restructure his contract. Based on all that it was evident that Desjardins and Taffe did nothave him in their plans for 07. Mistake?? I guess that time will tell. He already has scored more TD's than he did all of last season. He now is another valuable tool in Austin's offense.

Salary cap space.

Who pays attention to the Salary Cap?
Nobody has been significantly penalized even for grossly exceeding the cap.

Tom I'm very disappointed with you but go think what you will, size isn't always the litmus test for good receivers.
The trade is long over and both DJ and Hamilton are going their seperate ways. Is it best for DJ?? Is it best for Hamilton?? I don't know or claim to know and it doesn't matter what I think does it??

Darren Flutie wasn’t exactly “Big”. Im with steve and the other poster that said it was obvious Marcel had already made up his mind. The sign of a true Shivers-Like GM.

I really miss Archie Amerson and his big play ability and I thought that Flick might be the answer. Hmmm. Who will it be from this receiving corps?

My nomination is already registered as Holmes

I have to go along with this too! We really didn't get anything for him either! :roll: 3 touchdowns already EH? :roll:

And as crash so rightly pointed out size means"s**t"! The guy had heart and could catch a ball and that is something that we need on this team. I hated to see Wayne go as well! :? Healthy now and a solid "O".

What seems to happening with this team is people are brought in and then quickly released! As frustrated as I am right now...it is beginning to look like somebody is throwing s**t at a wall and hoping something will stick. Sounds familiar to 06!

At the same time we are playing a "hurt/nothurt?" QB and refusing to play the young guns who I feel would benefit from getting some "starter's reps" and having the benefit of throwing to receivers they are familiar with! Having said that there is some familiarity with McCants/Chang. So there is some hope.

Not trying to turn this into another Maas thread...but hey, the only consistantcy here is losses and excuses!

Just thinking out loud here with the "what if" scenario...but really "what if" we hadn't made that "Maas trade". This may have been a different looking team and please don't tell me we would have been worse than 4-22.

We might not also have fans arguing with fans as much as we have! It's been a revolving door of players and coaches and little but frustration and remorse to show for it. :frowning:

A win for this team would go along way to improving things and perhaps wining can become the norm :thup:

Woody, you're absolutely correct. There is no way that we could be worse than 4 and 221. :wink:

Heaven forbid! :oops:

Obviously, a 4-22 team needs to make changes. An 18% winning record just doesn't cut it.

However, the question at hand is... Do I believe that trading DJ was a mistake? My answer is a resounding, yes. Yes, I do.

In 2003, he catches for almost 1000 yards. Named an all-star.

In 2004, he catches for over 1100 yards. Named an all-star.

In 2005, he catches for over 1200 yards. Named an all-star.

Okay, then comes 2006. 2006 was a sub-par year, but as someone previously pointed out in this thread... he can only catch what's thrown his way, and Jason just wasn't hurling the long ball with pinpoint precision.

Flick has lightening speed, plays with heart, and is an intelligent player. Couple this with what he brings off-the-field and he's a great addition to any team.

So, this brings us to Saskatchewan. DJ is tearing it up there. His 14 yard average is misleading, because he also leads the league with three receiving touchdowns. With room to run, it's possible that this number could have been higher.

I do contend that our receiving corps has gotten taller. I'm not so sure about better.

Great post JAG. You summed up almost everything i have been thinking since the trade.

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/sports/roughriders/story.html?id=592778df-5130-4ab8-9fb2-a754415672cb&k=67452]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... cb&k=67452[/url]

Great read, Q&A with Flick in the Regina LP.

I disagree
Marcel is no Shivers ..

Marcel Comes from the Montreal School of Being a GM
Jim Pop Never Stay pat with his teams..
they allways looked to get better

Somthing Marcel has learned.
We needed the Change
I like DJ I really do .
But It was time for a Change..

I dont understand what he did or didnt do to say "we needed a change" then we needed a change from Corey Holmes, Jesse Lumsden, Jason Maas, Brock Ralph and every other Ticat that was here last year.

My point about Shivers was that when he made up his mind on someone you couldnt change it... which is the case with Marcel.

Read the part of that article where DJ says he was surprised he was traded... read between the lines, does that sound like a guy that "refused to take a pay cut" so he was shipped out of town???