Flick is doing very well out West. Did we blow that trade?

In terms of player for player and on-field contributions, yes we did blow that trade.

However, financially it was inevidable. Our roster requirements in rebuilding meant Flick would have had to take a pay cut for the Cats to stay under the cap. Flick wanted to stay but not for less so Desjardins did him the favour of being dealt to a team that would pay his salary.

The Regina LP reported that Flick restructured and re-signed upon arrival in Sask. Marcel made it clear he was going to replace receivers and get "bigger" at that position. Marcel just didnt want him here and yes, he made a mistake. Well we got bigger but certainly didnt get better.

Don't know how much he is making $ but his stats are less than impressive.

14 receptions
196 yards
3 TD's

Ralph & Gardner are ahead in receiving yards...it's still early. We'll see how they compare by the end of the year.

Thanks Crash, I wasn't aware his deal was restructured. Not knowing the specifics of the restructured deal I still wouldn't discount that it was primarily a salary issue.

Regardless he's lighting it up in Saskatchewan and I'd love to have had him here to shore up our receiving corps.

...YET!! :smiley:

The is reason Flick is good this Season
He not there Top WR he is #3

When Have Two Other Good WR In Front Him
DJ Is Great Target..
He is not #1 or #2 he at best a 3rd or 4th WR.

DJ is great Guy and Good WR But he not a great WR..

Marcel Did the Right thing

The team required a complete overhaul.
I wish DJ all the best. ( 16 games a year )

Im confused... didnt he get 1300 yards and get named a CFL all star as our primary receiver? You can call him a #3 if you want but he's starting and he's in the slot. Something we could use right now.

He's really not doing anything that spectacular...unless averaging under 50 yrs a game is spectacular with the great majority of his yardage was in one game.

It is a well known fact, whoknows,
that statistics are often used

as a drunken man uses lamp posts...
for support rather than illumination,

The best pass receiver in the world
can't do anything spectacular, either,
until the ball is thrown in his direction.

Too early to tell yet. Give it more time.

Also, my understadning was that he was not coming back anyway. It may have been a salary dump.

I like Flick. I wish he still played here.

It is also my impression that DJ restructered his contract at Sasketchewan. It is also my impression that none of us want to take a 50% cut in earnings.
3rd receiver?? I can't believe that you made such a statement Tom!! Desjardins made his choice as to who he wanted to keep off that miserable last years team and that didn't include DJ. DJ did enjoy his time in Hamilton but was sick of not winning. Brock Ralph was kept for two reasons, 1. he is listed as a Canadian, and 2. Those in charge felt the need to "get bigger" at the WR and SB position. Has it improved those positions?? So far it doesn't look that way but things could change if they get a QB that has a stonger arm and can spread the field.

I was a fan of DJ's but I don' think it was a mistake in trading him. IMO I think the guys we have on our team have as much if not more talent then DJ yes we got bigger at the position and by the end of the year we'll have gotten better. In no way is this a shot at DJ that's just how I feel.

Well, Marcel did go to DJ, asked him the renegotiate, he said no, so Marcel shipped him. But then he renegotiates with Saskatchewan???

Regarding statistics....would you rather have me criticize his routes, ability to find open space, run blocking? Seeing how Flick was getting paid #1 receiver money stats do say a lot about a players ability. Lets take a look at the names at the top of the list.


Looks like to me that the the good receiver seem to find themselves at the top of the list.

DJ is a great Guy
a Fine WR but he is rather Small
I Believe Getting bigger at
WR is going to help us in the long Run.
I’d Rather have Gardner at WR then DJ
Just Cause he has more upside the DJ IMO.

Most of CB are 5’11 in this league.
DJ is 5’10
I remember Telling our last GM we need Taller WR.
He Laugh at me …
Marcel Seems to agree with me
These WR are Are Taller then DJ:
Bauman, Chris 6’4
Ralph, Brock 6’3
McCants, Darnerien 6’3
Gardner, Talman 6’1
French, Jason 6’1
Getzlaf, Chris 6’0

This WR are the Same Size or Smaller then DJ.
Curry, Nate 5’10
Arceneaux, Anthony 5’10
JoJo Walker 5’9

DJ needed a Change and So did we…
I wish him the best in Riderville…
He is great guy as our you my friend.
I Miss Taking Wrestling with DJ at Practice.
He was great to joke with .
He is a special Person…

Was it a mistake trading DJ?

Yes and No.

How's that for clear as mud.

It was a mistake from the standpoint that we could use DJ's skill, desire and experience on the Offense.

It was not a mistake from the standpoint that we could not get DJ to accept a salary decrease, so based on that trading him became the only viable option.

It was a mistake from the standpoint that I would like Marcel to have done everything he could to convince DJ to stay and take the paycut. From reading between the lines I get the sense that Marcel had already committed to replacing DJ instead of trying hard to keep him.

How was Marcel correct? He seems to not want to bend on anything. So we have 3 receivers that are better than Flick? He got another TD on the weekend. I would certainly take TDs over yards.

I'd like to recall what we got in return before I answer the question. Flick would be better than some recievers we have IMO but that does not mean that Flick is more valuable than what we got in return OR that he was worth the money he was making

Didn't we get Rocky Butler(and draft choices) in return? We also gave up OL Wayne Smith and draft choice, I believe. So it's pretty obvious who got the better of that deal.