Mississauga, Oakville or Burlington Tigercats?

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2010/07/02/tciats_offers/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ts_offers/[/url]

ill be more than upset if the ticats move, but i don't blame mr. young for taking calls from other cities at this point after the shenanigans that the mayor has pulled in the last week.

if young must move the team, i will still support and hope it is in burlington...

we need an election sooner rather than later and get rid of eisenberger. i guess this is how he wants his last 4 years to be remembered as.

I'll vote for anyone other than Fred at this point.

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Well, there is a thread on the stadium situation, but not on the Tiger-Cats potentially moving situation, which is related but different.

I have no idea what Lefko is drinking, but no other city is going to be ponying up for a CFL type stadium anytime soon...

In fact the more I read the article the more idiotic it seems. Varsity stadium doesn't have the inside track, York U does, and the Katz situation has no bearing on the Oilers. Quite frankly I'm betting that the CFL will also block any attempt to move the franchise....

Burlington or Oakville TigerCats make something of these cities on national television otherwise they are nothing cities in terms of being anything different then suburbs of Toronto, which is what we all think they are.

I'd be supporting our TiCats in Burlington or Oakville in a jiffy and be sure to go to a restaurant before any game in these communities and shun Hamilton in a second.

Why do you think that? Another city, like Burlington, might take advantage of the once in a generation Pan Am money, combined with their own money, and build a stadium. Other cities may appreciate the value of having a CFL team.

It won't be the cities ponying up the money. It will be Private Investors like Braley, Young and others who will see the potential of a site close to the highways, Go Station etc. so much potential of advertising revenues and a whole new market opening up in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington.

Don't rule out Kitchener or London.

If Burlington then I hope Aldershot. Heck, you could even keep the full name of the team.

True, but the discussion is being duplicated (shrug) oh well.

Other communities build CFL stadiums is nothing more than CFL Forum pipe dreams. Burlington (or anyone else) isn't going to be spending tens of millions on a new stadium...

Is that why Braley bought the Argos who play in a satdium whose highway visibility as has all but disappeared with the new condos popping up.

BC place is also downtown, not near a highway.

If anyone on Burlington Council even hints at The Stadium being part of Burlington, he/she will not only lose in the next election, but will be moving to Grimsby at least… (not that there is anything wrong with that :wink: )

After all, we just spent $40 mill on a new arts centre, which will have more than 10 shows a year.

Well...that's reassuring...I think. :expressionless:

I have no clue what this even means...

Is that why Braley bought the Argos who play in a satdium whose highway visibility as has all but disappeared with the new condos popping up.

BC place is also downtown, not near a highway

Every situation is different. I understand the downtown stadium mentality, but it doesn't work with every city and definitely not every sport.
Calgary is certainly not in the downtown core, nor is Edmonton's, Regina's or Winnipeg's(the new one won't be either). These are arguably the top franchises in the CFL, earning the most revenue. I understand the mentality for a Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto....but not for Hamilton. You and the Mayor's blind agenda pushing "downtown revitalization" might end up losing Hamilton the franchise.

It means that Burlington taxpayers don't want a big. 20,000+ stadium to maintain on a sport only a small portion of it's population finds appealing.

...so City council has multiple meeting that the Ticat Org attends and says nothing / minor input and when it comes down to finalizing they jump out of a cake with the media present and they say"it doesn't work for us".....come on. The Ticat Org is at fault here. Talk about showing up late to a party..........move it anywhere you want....I here there's an opening in Ottawa in 2013. :cowboy:

Can't see it happening in Burlington. Provincial and Federal money can't be counted on because HOSTCO has already been burned there once with the soccer stadium that was supposed to go to Sherwood Forest Park. Local residents resisted and Council caved very quickly, without a backup plan. I imagine that the residents of Aldershot will have the same reaction to a much bigger stadium (than the Sherwood Forest stadium) being built in their neighbourhood.

Even if they did have PanAm money, they'd still have to replace Hamilton's contribution and that would be costly.

I'm not convinced that HOSTCO will pull the stadium from Hamilton if there's no deal with the Tiger-Cats, they've never explicitly said that. I think their bottom line is similar to the City's, they want their investment to show some ROI. It's quite possible that they may think Katz and AEG are the best able to deliver, even though the process by which they became public was clumsy.