Mission Accomplished, Lets Play

Now that the Bombers got the Stegall record outta the way, the game will be all about dominace...before the bombers would look for Stegall when they get inside the 20 yrd line just for the record.. but now expect alot more of "Blink" and other receivers...and more Stegall too..Now that the record is done, it will only be single coverage and he will start racking up the TD's


I think that stegall just shook a huge monkey off of his back, and we are going to see a great season from here out for him. Big game for him again friday.

They have been abusing Milt like a red headed step child from Indian Head, yet, guess who's number one in receiving yards.

It's late at night and I can't sleep, so this is what i've been thinking. That pitch to Milt really isn't a "special" play, I've seen him run the option before and the way he broke into the endzone, he might have scored from centre field. No one touched him as he was going in. I just think it was a good call.

It doesnt matter how he got that TD, as long as he got into the endzone, thats all that counts..but although thats a memorable moment for Stegall, hes gotta put that behind him and focus on those W's..when the seasons over, then he can dwell over it

ya it was a great call and for now we have record talk out of the way. i congrat the turtle man. but lets all keep in mind he has the ability to break the all time recieving yards total. and if glenn keeps his play up like he has it won;t be long until stegall gets to that mark and then we will go back into the same sitauation. but go blue go.