Missing Marwan

The absence of our veteran center on the "O" line was obvious.
As the leader of the "O" line Marwan called the blocking schemes at the line of scrimmage.
Both Avon and Kevin would hear Marwan's audibles and know how the line would block.
Avon would know which holes could open by the way our line blocked.
Kevin, Avon and the "O" line did not have a good day( along with many others)
Lets all hope that Marwan is back next game!!!!!

Everyone seems to be too busy arguing about quarterbacking and coaching to talk about this point, Grover, and I think this game really goes to show how important it is to have a veteran presence playing the position that is generally the brainsof the o-line. When you replace last year`s East Division outstanding lineman nominee with a young guy who (I believe) has never started a game at C before, your blocking and pass protection is ultimately going to suffer. That said, this game was great experience for Mark Dewit, who is only going to improve.

Don't you dare cloud the issue with facts. How could you post something that could possibly take away from the constant whining and complaining going on here? You should be ashamed of yourself. Sheesh, you'd think you were new here not knowing how things go after a loss. :roll: :wink:

Right. Instead, you should have screamed that the 2nd string guy is no good, and that we need to IMMEDIATELY START THE THIRD STRINGER.

Totally agree, by the way. The lack of coordinated push left Cobourne high and dry on running plays, and the lack of coordinated protection didn't allow Glenn time to get the ball to his receivers properly. Amazing what one guy in the right place can do for a team.

If, (I certainly doubt it), but IF that WAS the problem with the Cats" Offence in Monteal, whose responsibility would it have been to have had the team prepared to the point that the loss, to injury, of one player couldn’t make such a difference as “win by 23, lose by 30”?

Not to split hairs but, blocking calls made by the centre are only for the 5, 6 (1 Tight end) or 7 (2 Tight Ends) guys in the box. The QB has plenty of other things to think about and does not consider line calls in his decision process. The running back responsibilities in pass blocking are outlined by the play call and could be changed at the line, but that rarely happens as neither the RB or QB can hear a damm thing the line is calling anyway! Someone should ask the O-line if they felt like any of the linecalls made were incorrect. I doubt it.

In the running game; as Hamilton is a zone blocking team, the RB is aiming at a landmark (usually left or right side of the playside guard) and has two decisions, jam it up through that seam, or cut it back. Where we get into trouble is when the decison to cut back happens to soon and the vertical seams that are supposed to be created by the o-line movement do not happen. If you watch the game, you will see that Avon does not press the line of scrimmage and cuts back too early. When that happens, it doesn't really matter what the o-line does. They end up blocking their guy right into the cutback.

There is plenty of blame to go around, not every block was made, not every run was landmarked properly, our QB struggled with his mechanics and decisions, but to try to put the blame on the fact that one guy was missing....doesn't wash.

8) Mark Dewit must have played ok, since he was named Offensive Star of the game for the Cats, for whatever that's
 worth in a game like that.     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

lol.. In other words he was the best of the worst!

Coach as the originator of the thread I can assure you that I am not pinning the blame on the fact that one player was missing.
I can see that your football IQ is far superior to mine and thankyou for a clear and concise answer as to what actually happens with the signals from the center.
It is also true that the "O" line has to work as one unit and to lose the continuity of the starting center to a player on his first start against the GC Champions on their home field.
I feel we did MISS MARWAN.
That being said, I really hope that our veteran center is back calling his signals again against the Eskimo's

I agree. I have no doubt that Marwan's presence was missed. We all have to remember that this oline hasn't had any continuity since game 2. Since then Simmons, Jiminez and Johnston each has been in out of the lineup....and I'm guessing that Simmons will not be in the lineup on Friday. Marwan's injury can't be the excuse we use to explain a very poor team loss.