Missing in Action

Its been awhile since MadJack has posted.

Anyone know what's up with him?

Hope all is well & that we see him posting again.

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I know he likes to fish . Maybe he's away somewhere excluded enjoying one of his expeditions in the wilderness up north .


I agree. A good lad.

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He's been reading and liking posts here and there throughout the summer, probably just less active.

Speaking of enjoying a fishing expedition... did you see the Record setting Sturgeon ex goalie Pete Peters caught in August?

Wow! :smiley:


Was he a goalie? That’s insane....those fish are prehistoric.

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yeah caught and released near Chilliwack BC. about an hour outside of Vancouver.

Well over 100 years old they think.

I too hope Madjack will be back posting soon. A man of many opinions and tastes.