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seems to me that if we have a forum for the defunct renegades, we should also have forums for the defunct concorde and defunct rough riders.

also, since we have coming, an as yet to be named new ottawa team, we should have a new forum for the Ottawa Who. :wink:

Is it that slow over there? Once Ottawa re-joins the league, the Renegades board will be changed to whatever name Ottawa picks. It's the same franchise.

actually, it isnt, anymore than the rough riders were the same franchise, or the concorde. These franchises all died. They were not sold, nor resurrected.

But yeah, things are slow :slight_smile:

Technically the Renegades never folded, they were suspended indefinitly, and technically this team is what is being awarded to Mr. Hunt. The other teams however folded completely. So technically, they get to keep their forum, because it's still a acknowledged albeit inactive, coachless and playerless franchise.

hmmm, if that is so, then technically, the team is still the renegades and discussions as to what they should be named are irrelevant.

The concords and old ALS stats... I thought they were combined with the new ALS. Stats. The concords changed the name back to the old name before folding I Thought.

from wiki, for whatever that is worth

"The original Montreal club was founded on April 8, 1872. The original club was renamed as the Montreal Alouettes (Skylarks or Larks in English translation) in 1946. However, the original Alouettes club ceased operations following the 1981 season and was replaced by a new team, the Montreal Concordes, which played from 1982 to 1985. The Concordes were rechristened the "new" Alouettes for the 1986 season, but ceased operations the day before the 1987 season was due to start, on the Quebec national holiday, June 24"

Wiki also say that the CFL has chosen to consider all the teams as one franchise, I assume for stats purposes, but technically, they are not. For example, if anyone had taken legal action against the concorde, the present team would not be liable. Same with Old Als vs Concorde or New Als. Unless of course there was something stating otherwise between the league and each subsequent team.

For stats purposes I believe Baltimore doesn’t count as monteal stats. So I guess all defunk cfl teams are suspended. So what happens if winnipeg and Quebec get NHL teams back?

Technically the Stallions stats should have travelled to Montreal since the Stallions didn't fold - they were moved.

The Nordiques stats went to Colorado and the Jets stats went to Phoenix. Should it be the Phoenix team that returns to Winnipeg then the Jets and Coyotes stats would return to Winnipeg. If it's a different team such as the Thrashers then those stats come with the team. Just like the Atlanta Flames stats went to Calgary and the Minnesota North Stars stats went to Dallas but the Atlanta Thrashers and Minnesota Wild stats started with the Thrashers and Wild.

When grey cups are listed I notice the stalions grey cup apperances don't count in Montreals stats. Seems similar to when the browns were sold but the stats stayed with the city of clevland

Perhaps it's different in football than other sports. When a MLB team moves previous championships stay with the franchise, not the city. I can't think of any NHL teams that won a Cup and then later moved but the stats definitely stay with the franchise. I think the NBA is the same as the NHL and MLB.

I'm pretty sure it's the same in the NBA. The Lakers have 17 championships: 5 in Minnesota and 12 in LA.

The Lakers only have 16 NBA championships. Their first championship was won in the defunct NBL and is not officially recognized by the NBA.

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I wonder if Chief was including this year already. :wink: