Missing / broken site functionality; list it here

Being a rather small technology team, our testing of site functionality wasn't as thorough as I would have liked. So I'd like to create a central reporting area for issues people are having with the forums. Please post away and I'll prioritize and work away on the issues as time permits.

I'll start:

  • FIXED: Per-team headers are unavailable; everyone sees the CFL header
  • FIXED: Custom avatars are missing; need to port these over
  • ADDED: I've enabled the upload of custom user avatars, and allowed their size to be up to 250KB. Avatars are the lifeblood of forums, we gotta have this!
  • WON'T FIX: I'm missing about 12 hours of posts; this I may just give up on because of the amount of downtime that import requires
  • ADDED: The ability to change your password was disabled/hidden; it's now been enabled and you may now do that at the Edit Account Settings page.
  • FIXED: "View Active Topics" keeps returning me only to the same two topics about the site itself, not the actual active topics (was a bug in the upgrade, fixed using this SQL query that turns on Active Topics for all forums).
  • FIXED: The time limit on editing a post has been removed.
  • FIXED: I've upped the font size everywhere by 20%.
  • FIXED: The main content font colour is now a darker black.
  • FIXED: Pagination links are now wider for easier clicking.
  • ADDED: Added forum ranks based on number of posts. I'm a big fan of ranks.
  • FIXED: Switched the human test at registration to use reCAPTCHA; hope this slows down the number of spam posts we get around here.
  • ADDED: In-line image attachments are now enabled; images will be force-resized to fit your screen width.

Can't request desktop site on mobile devices making navigating to the forums impossible.

Waaaaaay too much whitespace, takes forever to scroll to find something.

No link to the old and preferred game tracker (sorry guys but the newer one just sucks). Old game tracker should be updated to refresh at regular intervals that are compatible with mobile devices.

Needs RSS feed so we can bypass that front page for the articles.

Hi sully! I had to do a password reset for some reason, but once that was done everything seems to be working fine. If I run into anything I'll let you know. :slight_smile:

First thing I noticed as well. Used to be able to see about 15-20 threads when I opened the page on my phone, now it's ALL headers/banners. Then I scroll down and I can only see 5.

I’m noticing a lot of threads have missing posts. Stuff that was there this morning before the cutoff and now isn’t. Was the new server put up using a backup copy from yesterday morning?

I'd like to see a better / more prominent link to the forums from http://www.cfl.ca/ myself. But I'm more the mechanic than the driver of the websites, so I'll put in a request for that. We will be building a second-level menu into the mobile version of the menus to solve the overall issue of drop-down menu items being inaccessible on mobile devices.

Regarding whitespace: I'll look into purchasing and installing a mobile theme for the forums. And if I don't find something good along those lines, I'm ensure that the header of this site isn't so huge (I can make some CSS updates).

Re: http://www.cfl.ca/ , we've got a lot of functionality to add yet on that site. What won't happen however is a reversal to any of the existing page designs / look. That's not just a decisions on aesthetics; the old site is incompatible with the new. But there is a lot of functionality yet to come on the site that I think will greatly improve the experience there.

Unfortunately you are correct. The data import took ~6 hours, and it takes down the forums in the interim, so we had to make the choice of losing some posts or what I thought was the worse option of putting the existing site into maintenance mode so nobody could make new posts in the interim. Sorry about that one.

It's not just the mobile that has way too much whitespace, where it is the most annoying is actually computer desktop. The vast majority of users are using 16:9 monitors and by the time you have your browser menu and the menubar on the bottom of a regular desktop you only get to see a few topics at most. That is just bad desktop design. Just replying to this post for example doesn't allow me to see the post I'm replying to which is located way at the bottom and that is on a standard 1920x1080 screen.


I know there probably won't be a "next time" for a while, but...a little warning? I wouldn't bother posting if I knew it would just get wiped out anyway. :expressionless:

hey Sully,
for some reason our login password did not work on the new forum therefore clicked on "Forgot Password"and received a generic one in our email in order to log on for now.
In the email it states that this generic password can be changed via the Profile page although we cannot find anything on this page that denotes changing the password.

Could you provide the exact location/link for us to change our PW? thanks Sully.

I really hope there isn't a next time... But yeah, sorry, that was on me.

I'm looking for this now; I'm guessing that the ability was disabled because login/registration used to occur outside of the forums so it was disabled within the phpBB forums. Trying to find what switch to unflip to get that re-enabled now.

Way to much white space. Hinders navigation... too much scrolling.

Too generic. Black and Red text on White background in the Ticats forum? Looks like it must be Ottawa or Calgary.

Password didn't work, had to get a new one. No way to change new password, waiting for that.

This isn't a fix or a miss, but the ability to change one's username would be a nice feature.

Okay, got it - that functionality is now turned on.

To change your password, click the blue gear icon in the top-right corner, select the Profile tab and then click Edit account settings. You can also go directly to that page by clicking this Edit Account Settings link.

Thank you for looking into it! Having the same issue. Glad it’s not just me :slight_smile:

Fixed now! Visit the Edit Account Settings page to make that update.

If you'd personally like a username change, let me know and I'll update yours! Not sure I want to allow that to happen arbitrarily though.

Thank you Sully

Works great now!

I have had to create a ne account because the site blocked me out of my old account. I likely not the only one

If you'd like to PM me with your old account username and what the e-mail address of the account was, I'll update the password to it to let you regain access. :slight_smile: