Missing Als Posters

I've noticed that several long-term Als posters have seemingly gone missing. Guys like Madjack , tony, idealsheldon, johnny the ticat slayer haven't posted much if anything at all recently here.
I've learned that they have basically quit this site and opened a facebook page where they are free to talk CFL and Als without being watched over, threats of banning for minor things, censored etc by "self important" moderators. Ro1313, recently released from banishment here, has joined them as well.
The page is named CFL Forum Refugees .

Advertising? :slight_smile:

7 people, 3 of whom are admins is a pretty small group (5 of the 7 you name here, are you 6?)

not sure what you mean that 3 are admins.
No not advertising just stating that these long term guys have set up an alternative.
No I have not joined them and don't really know the numbers.
I think they wiil, for the most part, be missed but the fresh new posters are appreciated here too,

Bummer, specially Ro

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Niagara Als.... if you are out there, give us a sign...

Yes Niagara Als is still around .

How does one get to read CFl Forum Refugees?

Thanks Ted, that's good news.

I dont really use facebook much. I imagine that you go to their page and request to join their group.

I have looked around buy somehow was unable to get into the site of the new group.Perhaps someone could help me with this.

Ted I just sent you a message on FB> . .

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